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►►Jaebum expresses longing and gratitude to fans during Bboy event

Watch the related clip + see pics of him during the Bboy battle HERE.
I hope the rumors of leader Jay not participating in 2PM’s next album is not true :-(

It has been known that 2PM JaeBum has expressed his longing and gratitude to fans during his recent bboy event.

JaeBum was recently taken part in a bboy event on 31st January (local time) in Seattle with bboy team AOM. The group has taken part in this event as the winner of ‘Winter Night’ bboy event in Seattle last December. JaeBum was seen wearing a black tshirt during the event, and it was known that the tshirt is a present from Korean fans.

Fans at 2PM fancafes who have seen the video commented, “JaeBum is expressing his longing and gratitude for fans through his performance”. Also a member AOM team wrote on his twitter recently, “It seems that JaeBum wants to return to Korea. How are things over in Korea?”

Meanwhile, 2PM fanclub Hottest are making collective action to request for JaeBum’s return. It is known that they are currently doing boycott on 2PM related products. And they are also doing a questionnaire to submit to JYP Entertainment about JaeBum.

A JYP representative also revealed, “Like SunMi’s case, misunderstandings can be resolved with communication with fans. Hence we will do our best to answer 2PM fanclub’s questions. There are many misunderstandings from fans. We hope to use this questionnaire to clear any misunderstanding about JaeBum’s case.”

Cr: IlGanSports + Sookyeong

►►Netizens leave positive feedbacks for 2NE1′s single “Try to copy me”

Netizens ‘We followed what you did~!’

With the surprise release of 2NE1’s ‘Try to Do What I Do’(t/n: aka Try to Copy Me, according to allkpop) as a digital single, the music fans among the netizens are showing various reactions, from ‘it’s upbeat’ to ‘the melody is very nice.’

One netizen praised them, saying, “Unlike the other singers, 2NE1 surprised us by suddenly releasing the song without prior notice, and surprised us again with the song being so good.”

Another netizen positively commented, “Because of the light-hearted and exciting autotune, Park Bom’s voice is almost lost, and it seems to be a simple hook-song with Sandara Park’s repetitive ‘Try to Do What I Do’ phrase, but it is a song that fits their image.”

On the other hand, despite the surprise release of the single, ‘Try to Do What I Do’ is already gaining popularity in Music Charts.

Source: Sisa Seoul
Translations by

►►Big Bang is looking for the next Lollipop Girl for their new photoshoot!

OMG a lucky fan will be picked and get to take pictures with BIG BANG?! -dies-

It was announced before that Big Bang is starting Lollipop Project 2 this February. With this, Cyon will be launching a public audition for the next “Lollipop Girl” who will join Big Bang in the promotions for the new Lollipop phone through a photo shoot.

Big Bang expressed their excitement for the audition saying they are looking for someone who has a “unique style and personality and has exceptional dancing and singing skills.”

Application will open on February 10 until February 28 through Cyon’s website ( Audition and selection process will be broadcasted on M-net this March. [Original article]

Cr: bigbangupdates

Cr: taijizero2@YT

►►[VID] SNSD Yoona and 2PM Taecyeon’s Love Scandal explained?~ subbed

The latest episode of “Strong Heart” features a nice section based on the rumors about these two celebs having  a love affair. It features members from 2PM, SNSD, and the two hosts Lee Seung Gi and Kang Ho Dong :-)

Cr: Ahonetwoonetwo@YT

►►2PM, Big Bang, 2NE1, SNSD + others to attend Cyworld Digital Music Awards 2009

Looks like the end-of-year awards for 2009 is not over yet! There are still more coming up  for grabs from Cyworld Digital Music Awards 2009!

*SNSD is not in one of the pictures but they’re listed on the flier…

Date: March 1st, 2009

Artists: Davichi, Big Bang, G-Dragon, 2NE1, Leessang, Mc Mong, 8eight, Brown Eyed Girls, 2PM, SNSD

Cr: based on flier [DCGD] + translated by kpoprants@wp

►►Fan Art: How would 2NE1′s Park Bom look in short hairstyles?

Although I wouldn’t want Bommie to trade her gorgeous long hairdo for anything, let’s see how she does with the short hairstyles! ^^

Bom-zy (LOL)..


►►BEAST’s 1st mini-album reached an epic 40,000 sold mark!

SOOOOO BEAST!!! OMG as a B2UTY, I am crying tears of joy T^T

user posted image

[SPN EDAILY Reporter Park MiAe] It has been recently reported that the rookie group BEAST’s album ‘BEAST is the B2ST’ has now reached its 40,000 mark in sales.

As per CUBE ENT official, “the sales have been steady since it’s release three months ago.”

It was also brought to music industry’s attention when ‘BEAST is the B2ST’ album sold more than 20,000 mark back in October, which was epic in and of itself, considering success for a rookie musician is usually defined when they reach 10,000 in sales.

Furthermore, they’ve also shown popularity in online music sales as well, which even for seasoned artists usually have difficulty in reaching the 50,000 mark. Now only three month into their debut, further achievements are to be greatly expected for this rookie group.

Having won the Rookie Award at the 19th Seoul Music Awards, BEAST members continue on their individual activities while preparing for their upcoming album.


►►Jung Yong Hwa’s confession, “I was rejected in Seoul because of my Busan dialect!”

oh the poor boy…Jung Yong Hwa’s secret of his first love in Seoul is revealed…follow by an unexpected rejection! (Busan dialect? No wonder why Yong Hwa’s character Shinwoo in “You’re Beautiful” has a dialect secret!! haha sooo cool ^^)

CNBlue Jung Yonghwa revealed a regrettable incident that happened when he went to Seoul from his hometown, Busan.

Jung Yonghwa made an appearance on SBS Strong Heart on 9 February, telling the story of meeting his ideal woman by chance in Myeong Dong.

Jung Yonghwa disclosed, “I saw my ideal woman at Myeong Dong and thought that I should not lose her, so I asked her out to a movie on the spot.” The girl, of course, accepted his offer and they both went to a cinema. While watching the movie, the girl made a remark of a character’s lines, “I really hate Kyeong Sang Do men,” which shook Jung Yonghwa’s heart.

As a result, Jung Yonghwa decided that he must not show that he is from Kyeong Sang Do. However, he subconciously slipped out in dialect at a cafe. Jung Yonghwa bursted out, “Warm,” and, “It’s bitter,” in dialect. The girl got angry with the dialect and left the cafe without saying anything. When asked for the reason, she threw Yonghwa off with one sentence in dialect. “You’re from Busan, aren’t you?!”

In the end, the girl who hated Kyeong Sang Do men was also from Kyeong Sang Do. She hoped to date a Seoul guy and had considered Jung Yonghwa.

Original Source: Newsen
Translated by: CrystalHeng @ CNBlueSGFC

►►2AM Jo Kwon’s secret to crying? “When I think of Jaebum, I start to cry”

Surprised by Jokwon’s ability to cry so well at every situation? Let’s find out how the man does it!

Group 2AM’s leader Jo Kwon’s stream-like tears has become a hot topic. On the 7th, after he won on SBS ‘Inkigayo’ for the first time in two years, he was unable to say his acceptance speech properly because he could not stop crying. The people in the audience and the viewers were all touched because of his honest tears. Netizens, on various message boards have said, “Jo Kwon’s tears are very moving. I almost teared up myself.”

His tears during the recording of MBC every1’s ‘Infinity Girls’ last month became the topic of conversation amongst the members of Infinity Girls. During the recording, he couldn’t hide his tears while parodying a scene from “Queen Seonduk” about Deukman and Yooshin’s unfulfilled love. Even after he finished the scene, he could not stop crying. The participants felt compassion for him as he wiped his tears even though his tears would not stop.

After Jo Kwon finished the “Queen Seonduk” parody, he was asked how he could cry so hard, so easily, in such a short amount of time. He replied, “I think of the saddest past events. The 8 years of practicing. I cry when I think of the time I suffered when I got swine flu.” He also said, “These days when I think of Jaebum, who withdrew (from 2PM) last year, the tears just automatically flow.” As he thought of his friend, his eyes teared up again. Additionally, like a singer, he showed his innocent sensitivity when he said, “I become sad every time I listen to music.”

May be taken out with full credits. You are not allowed add yourself to the credits nor edit the credits.

►►2PM’s Taecyeon sent 2AM members a special celebration message

These JYPE brothers are so sweet :-)

On the 8th, Taecyeon wrote on his cyworld minihompy, “2AM!!! Congratulations on your win!!! I love you guys and as always, hwaiting!” He also wrote on his minihompy main, “2AM, Let’s Make Daebak!” expressing his special affection for 2AM.

On Taecyeon’s minihomphy, fans wrote, “We were also very happy. Oneday, we wish that you all will keep working hard”, “You are definitely Oktizen keke, even at dawn, you have the sense to check your cy”, “Mr. Ok Taec, when you were saying 2AM (at Inkigayo), I thought you were throwing up blood kekeke.” Such comments full of wit and support were posted.

Meanwhile, on Feb. 7, on ‘Inkigayo,’ 2AM (Jo Kwon, Lee Changmin, Im Seulong, Jung Jinwoon) made it to the top of the music charts for the first time since their debut 2 years ago. They shed tears of thanks, making the fans feel bittersweet.

Take out with full credits. There shouldn’t be any removal or addition to the credits.
CREDIT:Kim Ji Yoon; (SOURCE); 2pm2amalwaysndforevr@2ONEDAY + hazyfiasco@2ONEDAY +kdrama_queen@2ONEDAY (TRANS)

►►YG Entertainment moves on and opens up new Headquarters!

The YG Family is snuggling into their new, warm beds as we speak :-D

Big Bang and 2NE1’s record label YG Entertainment opened up their brand new headquarters!!!

YG Entertainment moved into their brand new building on February 3rd and the new place is 7 stories high and 1 story below ground.
Cr: allkpop

►►Concert to watch for: MBC Star Dance Battle – Lunar New Year 2010

WHY? Pretty much almost all of your favorite idols will be there!!

MBC Lunar New Year special series “Star Dance Battle”, SNSD, 2pm, Super Junior and various Kpop artists will have their stage showdown.

MBC Lunar New Year special series will be broadcast on 14th Feb,and is a 80 minutes show.
Oh Sang Jin announcer, Hwang JungEum, Kim Shin Young and Shin Bong Sun will be the MC for the day during the “Star Dance Battle”, with the combination of the Republic of Korea music and arts, the dance battle will start!

This time Super Junior, 2pm, SNSD, After School, Beast, MBLAQ, T-ara and various K-pop artists will have showdown for the day.

The wonderful combination of power and sexy from SNSD and Beast idol 2pm outbreak of dance will definitely bring the hottest performance and melt the cold winter.


►►SHINee’s Minho and Key graduate from high school

The SHINee babies are growing up!

Idol group member Minho of SHINee graduated from high school today.

Minho, who was already admitted into Konkuk University, will begin attending in March and majoring in film through the school’s fine arts program.


Cr: allkpop

Meanwhile, SHINee’s Key graduated from high school on the 10th.

Key participated in the Daegu Youngshin High school graduation that started at 10 AM. He got his diploma as well as an award of merit for bringing publicity to the high school through his activities.


►►[VID] Daesung’s female version of “Cotton Candy”?

I LOL’ed the whole time for some reasons…it’s cute but there’s just a comedic factor I guess XD

“Female Version of Daesung’s Cotton Candy  This IS Daesung’s voice. Yes. Read again. This IS Daesung’s voice that has been put through one simple digital process to make it sound higher. It’s never worked this well before…”

Cr: oniontaker@YT

►►Fans cry as Super Junior will arrive in Taiwan on February 19th

3 MEMBERS WILL BE MISSING…fans should cry more about that :/

For Super Junior’s first concert in Taipei, Super Show 2, at the Taipei Arena, the organizers, Super Dome, has confirmed with the Korean side and made an official announcement that only 10 members will be going. Hangeng, Kangin, and Kibum are confirmed to be absent. As soon as the news was released yesterday, fans on PPT’s website flocked together howling in grief and wanting to cry. They were heart-broken as Hangeng will not be able to realize his agreement to come to Taiwan to celebrate his birthday.

With the February 20th and 21st performance by SJ, at the Taipei Arena, on the horizon, Super Dome confirmed the performing members with South Korea and made an official announcement about the reply on their website. Even though he participated in the original tour and had fans strongly hoping for his appearance, Hangeng is determined* not to go to Taiwan. Though the three members did not attend the previous Beijing concert, thus preparing the fans, they were still extremely sad as when Hangeng visited last year, he had promised to go to Taiwan in February to celebrate together with the fans. It was unexpected that the promise will be unable to be fulfilled leading to fans “crying” and “collapsing.”

Fans excited about SJ’s visit have even stated that after receiving their New Year’s money (Chinese New Year) they will head straight for the airport. Taking fan’s security into considering, Super Dome is keeping the flight information of SJ to Taiwan a secret. Right now, they have only revealed that they will be arriving on the 19th and the exact flight will be announced closer to the date.

Cr: CpopAccess + UDN

►►KARA’s mini-album jacket “Lupin” revealed!

The KARA girls look like cat-women in these shiny tighty suits lol

After releasing two teaser pictures, we reported that KARA’s new concept is called Stealer. As their comeback date slowly approaches the girls tease us yet again, this time with the release of their album jacket.

With the unveiling of their album jacket, it’s now been revealed that their title track will be called Lupin (루팡). Now the clues are finally starting to make sense as Lupin is most likely referring to the fictional French gentleman thief Arsène Lupin.

Will KARA be able to steal the spotlight? Stay tuned  for the Lupin teaser on the 12th and the album release on the 17th!

Cr: allkpop

►►[VIDs] 2NE1 helps out the needy on “Danbi”~ subbed

“Danbi” was 2NE1’s first ever appearance on any show at MBC so this was a big thing when they appeared. It’s a show about Korean celebrities exploring the poor and bad conditions of other less fortunate countries. The celebs also try their best to help the people out by doing all that they could. Combining light entertainment with witty comments from various comedians and the tragic scenes of the real world out there, “Danbi” is a warm and touching show that leave fans reach out for boxes of tissues afterwards.


►►Fans to support Suju Hankyung’s project “Let Love Fly” for his birthday


I dearly hope this year will be much better for you and Super Junior as a whole. Please keep faith and don’t leave Suju!!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hankyung recently left a message on his Cyworld:

2010-02-09 15:15
Let Love Fly**

Thank you for the best birthday present! Really touched really~~~Let’s all continue to work hard together~~~!!!

I love you all !!!

** The Birthday/Charity Project from GengBaidu.

Source: Han Geng/韩庚’s Cyworld
Credit: eunmi/은미남~☆ @

When Han Geng’s birthday in 2010 (February 9) is coming up, his fans organize the “Let love fly” charitable activities as the birthday gift for their idol. It is learned that this is not the first time Gengfans organizing such love spreading activity. Since 2007, called on by Han Geng, Gengfans have had the tradition of organizing charitable activities for three years. They want to do their part to pass along love to people who need help.


►►2AM’s JoKwon speaks up about homosexuality rumors with U-KISS’ Sooyun

OMG THIS IS SO UNEXPECTED! lol out of all the boys, why Sooyun?! @_@ stupid netizens are at it again =.=;

2AM’s Jo Kwon is undoubtedly the diva of divas – from his ssanti performances to his hilarious parodies, this idol definitely knows how to show off his outrageous side. During the filming for the Lunar New Year’s special episode of SBS Yong Gura Hwa’s Big Match (set to air on February 14), Jo Kwon reportedly spoke up about rumors that have been floating about regarding his sexual orientation.

For those of you that don’t know, this show, which is hosted by Kim Yong Man, Kim Gura and Shin Jung Hwan, allows guests to explain various incidents, mishaps or accidents that they have been made that have been dug up by reporters in the past. On this episode, Jo Kwon spoke up about rumors that have been circulating regarding his close friendship with U-Kiss member Sooyun. “There are many misunderstandings that have come up regarding my close friendship with Soohyun,” Jo Kwon expressed, “it’s ridiculous.

However, U-Kiss member Dongho, who was also part of the broadcast, responded, “A misunderstanding is a misunderstanding. However, something must have happened [that we don't know about] that led to this event growing into such a big deal.”

Meanwhile, other artists that appeared on this episode discussed the burdens they had due to embarrassing, selective and alarming articles that the press has written about them in the past, expressing uneasiness about reporters that “expose” false facts about them.

Although many fangirls are probably relieved that this diva has cleared these things up to a degree, I don’t think sexuality should change how much we love artists; after all, we’d love Jo Kwon gay or straight, right?
This episode will (appropriately) air on Valentine’s Day at 11PM. Stay tuned for more!

Cr: Allkpop

►►F.CUZ’s Jinon to be featured in Gavy NJ’s “Sunflower” performance

Following the examples of BEAST’s Doojoon and MBLAQ’s Mir, F.CUZ’s Jinon will be next to rap in Gavy NJ’s newest single “Sunflower”!

On the 11th, Jinon will attend the SBS Inkigayo studios to record both performances of Jiggy and Gavy NJ’s latest track, Sunflower. Jinon will also rap for Gavy NJ on this weeks live episode of KBS Music Bank.

Jinon stated, “This is the first time I’m participating in another singers song and I’m very happy that it is with the Gavy NJ seniors, who I have always liked. I will prepare hard so that I can put on a good performance.”

Jinon has been receiving lots of attention lately, not only because of his groups’ debut, but also because he looks a lot like actor Kwon Sang Woo.

Cr: allkpop

►►[PICs] SHINee gets ready in hanboks for Lunar New Year on “Hello Baby!”

↓ yea that’s right, maknae Taemin is the one that has to have a huge a$$ bow on his head and wears a lady’s hanbok…


►►[VIDs] ZE:A’s reality show “Empire Kids” episodes 1 & 2 cuts~ subbed

It’s the first season of Mnet’s “Office reality” show featuring ZE:A, showing the hardships they had to go through to debut.


►►C.N BLUE reveals best looking member, ideal girls, girl groups they want to perform with, etc.

’4 individuals, 4 colours’ —-LOL @ Jonghyun’s answer to “which girl group C.N BLUE wants to perform with”!

CNBlue showed their individual charms at the recent filming of tvN ENEWS ‘Behind Star’.

Only debuted for 2 weeks, CNBlue climbed to the top of various charts and won #1 before attending the filming. Jung Yonghwa humbly expressed, “It feels refreshing.”

It is a fact that Jung Yonghwa received a lot of love from drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ as the Towel Man and Milk Man, which gained CNBlue tremendous attention before their debut. The team from ‘You’re Beautiful’ attended CNBlue’s showcase, showing the close friendship that they held.

Jung Yonghwa expressed that strong love rival, Jang Geun Suk, is a “hyung with good leadership who takes a good care of his dongsaengs.” He revealed about the casting, “I was constantly active in the indie scene but I went to try out for the drama. The character, Kang Shinwoo, is also a guitarist in the band, so it seemed like a good opportunity.”

Besides Jung Yonghwa, the other members too are skillful. The members have already been living together for 3 years. They revealed that the respective first impressions of each other were, ‘Jung Yonghwa the young noble’, ‘Kang Minhyuk the good student’, ‘Lee Jonghyun the young Busan man who often got lost’ and ‘really tall Lee Jungshin’.

In regards to the topic of ulzzangs, Jung Yonghwa expressed, “We don’t have famous ulzzangs. We just somehow ended up in ulzzang sites; amongst the 4 of us, I am the most famous ulzzang,” showing his mischievious side.

Before their debut, CNBlue went to Japan to study indie music and through the 100 over street performances, they built up their skills and stage manners. However, it was not easy living in Japan where they could not communicate.

“There were instances when there were no fans at our performances. They didn’t even look and just went past,” CNBlue revealed of their activities in Japan, “Slowly, our performances started to gather fans one by one.”

Even though CNBlue picked Lee Jonghyun as the most good-looking member, he was ranked the last of a popularity poll with Jung Yonghwa on top. Jung Yonghwa responded, “This is because Jonghyun’s charms couldn’t be seen yet.” Together, CNBlue disclosed the cleanest member, the member who is the most different on and off-screen, their ideal girls, etc.


►►YG releases official announcement regarding 2NE1′s song “Try to follow me”

Still not explaining if it’s supposed to be a single or a CF song…but okay..

This is YG Enetertainment.

♦ 2NE1 Digital Single [날 따라 해봐요] ♦

If you want to be stylish, try following 2NE1!

In 2009, the rookie group 2NE1 opened up a new path for girl groups, and they have once again swarmed the Kpop world with their first new song in 2010 [Try to follow me].

This song was produced by the same producer of previous 2NE1 hits “Fire”, “I don’t care”, as well as Sandara Park’s “Kiss”, Park Bom’s “You & I” and CL & Minji’s “Please don’t go”, YG’s Teddy and samples the nursery rhyme “Try doing like me” but reinterpreted into a 2NE1 style hip hop song.

With a confident and problem-free image and the trendiest clothing, they’re rising to the top as fashionista’s, despite being new comers. They’ve become idols for many girls, and their lyrics “Please stop staring and what not, and just hurry and show yourself, it’s what you want, step by step, don’t ever stop”, communicate a message saying ‘be reborn as a confident girl’, much like themselves.

With unexpected releases, holding only a few number of performances even as new comers, 2NE1′s music, fashion and even album activities are completely different from the existing artists. This song, much like 2NE1, released so suddenly will please several music fans as a surprise event.

This song was released on February 9th on all music sites and we hope that everyone will show it much interest and support.

Thank you

Translated by GEE & BK! @


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