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►►SS501 Kim Hyung Joon’s “To Be A Pro-Gamer” ranked 1st in viewership

This made me laugh for some reasons ^0^ I wanna see what’s all this racket is about lol

user posted image

Brothers SS501 Kim HyungJoon and U-KISS KiBum’s ‘lazybone’ runs in the family?

MBC Game (MBC Plus Media representative Jang GeunBok) revealed that ‘SS501 HyungJoon, To Be A Pro-Gamer’, which made its first broadcast on 27-Jan, was ranked 1st in the same time slot including the terrestrial broadcasted programs, and ranked 1st for instant highest viewership including terrestrial broadcasted programs.

According to viewership research company TNS, ‘SS501 HyungJoon, To Be A Pro-Gamer’ had its first broadcast through MBC Game on 27-Jan (Wed), made an average viewership from the national male population aged 13~25 at 1.0366% (market share 18.06%), and 1.184% (market share 25.06%) based on national male population in their twenties, making them to be ranked 1st including other terrestrial broadcasted program.

After 15 minutes of broadcast, at about 16:30hrs, it recorded 1.344% of instant highest viewership based on national male population aged between 13~25 and made it to the 1st position beating even terrestrial broadcasted program. Based on national male population in their twenties, it recorded instant highest viewship of 1.57% at about 17:00hrs. There are a lot of attention on this as he is a member of an idol group, right after the broadcast, the real-time search ranking in Naver website has ‘Kim HyungJoon’, ‘Kim HyungJoon To Be A Pro-Gamer’ in the 1st and 3rd place respectively.

Meanwhile, the producer Lee SoonOk analyses why the viewership is ranked higher among males than females, “The dreams of teenagers who wants to be a pro-gamer are being satisfied through this. We see that they induce their own personal feelings on the main cast.”

‘SS501 Kim HyungJoon, To Be A Pro-Gamer’ is a real variety program where SS501 member Kim HyungJoon challenges to be a pro-gamer, experiencing the failures and successes, airing every Wednesdays at 4pm through MBC Game channel.

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @

►►SNSD’s 2nd Album ‘Oh!’ receives 150,000 pre-orders on the first day!

Proving the girls’ super popularity?

Approximately 150,000 copies of SNSD’s second full album titled ‘Oh!’ have been pre-ordered for its release on the 28th.

An estimated total of 149,890 albums were pre-ordered, in which online fan-websites made an order of over 59,500 copies and music stores with 90,390 copies of the album.

SM Entertainment stated, “SNSD’s first full album ‘Girls Generation’, first mini album ‘Gee’ and second mini album ‘Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)’, all have consecutively been pre-ordered over 100,000 copies.” and concluded, “SNSD’s second album have also been pre-ordered over 100,000 copies, keeping this substantial record sale consistent.”

On January 25th, the second album’s title track ‘Oh!’ was released online and subsequently dominated as #1 on various music charts such as Melon, Dossirak, Mnet, Bugs and Cyworld Music. Furthermore, ‘StarStarStar’ and ‘Show! Show! Show!’ are rising as popular tracks from the album.

Source: CNB News
Translation: Glucose@soshified

►►Details of Jang Geun-Suk’s fan meeting + future plans revealed

Looks like our A.N.JELL Geun Suk won’t get any rest soon!

Jang Geun-Suk will soon meet with his fans on January 31st at 2PM from Olympic hall in Seoul, Korea that contains 3,000 seats. To show a different and unique performance, Jang Geun-Suk has been showing up in his management company everyday for a month, and often practice and prepare until the next day.

During the meeting, Jang Geun-Suk will be revealing his photos and videos that illustrates history of himself from his child actor days to his adult actor days in 21st century. He will be showing off rare-to-be-seen DJ skills and reveal his house including his bedroom, dress room, and desk.

He is also planning to show off his singing skills, which he has shown in public several times in many OSTs and commercial songs. It was reported that he will be singing songs from You’re Beautiful OST and also re-formulate his favorites from 1980s to 2000s, including songs from 2PM.

Jang Geun-Suk’s management company stated, “Jang Geun-Suk is determined to fully soak minds of fans who will fill up the fan meeting hall. He is practicing hard everyday. Also, he is coming up with many ideas without showing any fatigue during idea meetings. He is giving everything he has for the fan meeting.”

Also, they haven’t forgotten 700 international fans showing up for the fan meeting. He had prepared live translators for Japanese and Chinese languages, which are the two most used languages among the fans who had requested for the tickets. Jang Geun-Suk is planning to tour China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore from March to May after this fan meeting.


►►MBLAQ’s Joon called ‘ideal guy’ Rain for After School’s UEE

Will UEE finally gets to talk to her ideal guy through Joon? ^^

Source: Newsen
Translated by whatthecheryl @ absolutemblaq


►►T-ara’s Soyeon caught swine flu!?

The curse of 2009 came back? :-(

T-ara’s Soyeon showed signs of swine flu so she stopped filming on the set of God of Study and headed for the hospital.

The members of T-ara are set to make another cameo on the drama where one of the members, Jiyeon, has a role.

T-ara’s company said, “Soyeon, with T-ara, headed to the set of God of Study to film their cameo appearance. But then, Soyeon got a high fever and threw up on set. We stopped filming for her and took her to a nearby hospital. The hospital thought she might have swine flu so they gave her medicine and tested her. The results will be out on the morning of the 29th. After finding out about Soyeon’s status, we will decide T-ara’s “Like the First Time” promotion schedule.”

Let’s hope it’s not swine flu.

Cr: Allkpop

►►[VIDs] Epik High and f(x) perform @ Kpop Night in France

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

Korean hip-hop group Epik High and girl band f(x) performed as representatives of Korean pop music at a global music showcase in Cannes held this week, according to a press release by the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA).

Epik High and f(x) performed for about 90 minutes on “K-Pop Night” event
– held January 26 at Hotel Martinez in Cannes, France — in front of music and media industry executives at MIDEM 2010, KOCCA explained in the statement released yesterday.


►►Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Heechul will be the MCs for Inkigayo special

Anything with Inkigayo is good ^^

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Heechul will be hosting Inkigayo this coming Sunday on the 31st.

The two have been chosen to be the MCs for the Vancouver Olympics Inkigayo special.

The original MCs right now are 2PM’s Wooyoung and Taecyeon but they will hand over their spots for this episode.

I do feel that Wooyoung and Taecyeon can get a little awkward while hosting the show, so I’m happy to see these experienced boys take over. If they’re switching around the MC’s, I’m sure there are some special stages we can look forward to as well.

Cr: allkpop

►►Wonder Girl SunYe cried because of ‘fake letter’ accusations

OMG I really hates how some people are being soooooo RUDE to SunYe! They think that it’s her job as a ‘leader’ to stop SunMi from leaving…this is just so unfair for the poor girl >.<

Wonder Girls’ Sunye sent a crying phone call to JYPE after she wrote a message (see below cut) to their fans on their fan cafe.

You’re probably asking about the reason for her tears.

After fans read the message, some people were second guessing the legitimacy of the letter. They were saying that it wasn’t really Sunye that wrote the letter. Fans commented, “I bet JYPE wrote this letter, not Sunye.”

JYP Entertainment made a statement today, “Sunye called the company after all the accusations. She was crying on the phone. Sunye did write that letter.”

The Letter..

To the Wonderfuls we love, please read this ^^♡


►►After School’s ex-member SoYoung and DBSK’s Xiah JunSu are friends?

After School ex-member Yoo SoYoung shows off her ‘golden contacts’*.

She wrote on her minihompy diary on 26th January with a photo of music ‘Mozart’ attached, “Watched a musical after a long time~^^ And I felt something deep after watching it.. Heehee”

She added, “JunSu had his first performance today, and the 86gathering friends are all mobilized to show support!!! Why are we more nervous..?Kekeke the music was really good. And also the ambassadors in the musical touched my heart. Anyway!!! It’s a musical that makes me want to watch it again!!! Everyone everyone please come and see~~~~!!”

Through the posting it was known that SoYoung and Dong Bang Shin Ki Xiah JunSu are both members of the 86-er alumni.

‘Mozart’ stars Xiah JunSu as one of the main characters. It is his first official activity after the discord between SM Entertainment and the trio from Dong Bang Shin Ki.

*golden contacts – like friends who are really famous

Cr: Newsen + Sookyeong

►►Top 5 K-POP Pretty Boy Singers picked by Arirang

For those who are too lazy to watch, the list is below cut ;-)
As for the picks itself, I am very surprised. Never before do I consider SOME of these singers “talented”…maybe they got the looks but certainly not big on the voice =.=;


►►DaeSung to give away 15,000 free “Cotton Candies” at 2010 BIG SHOW

aww how sweet can this guy be? LOL

DaeSung sends the love back to VIPs in 2010 BIG SHOW by giving away real free “솜사탕”(Somsatang or Cotton Candy) as a gift.

On this upcoming 2010 BIG SHOW that’s to be held on January 29 – 31, 2010.At the concert venue, Seoul Olympic Stadium, will be 10 cotton candy makers serving some 5,000 cotton candy to the audiences for 3 days straight and hope 15,000 recipients will be able to taste it.

“솜사탕”(Somsatang or Cotton Candy) was released on January 26 and is topping many music charts like Naver Music,Daum and Bugs. So,that’s how DaeSung shows the VIPs his love in return.

YG Representative said that “솜사탕”(Somsatang or Cotton Candy) offers all new music different style apart from BIGBANG and YG never expects anything from it that much. We’re a little bit worried that it won’t receive much interest.”

“Staring on January 29, 2010, we want the audiences to enjoy this giveaway sent from our hearts.”

“We hope you all enjoy the real free “솜사탕”(Somsatang or Cotton Candy) giveaway together at the concert”

DaeSung’s “솜사탕”(Somsatang or Cotton Candy) is a pop jazz song and is a total makeover of DaeSung who has the trot (Korean country music) idol singer image for quite some time.

Cr: teambigbang

►►All of 2AM’s “Thanks To…” from their album includes 2PM and Jaebum!

Nothing is as cool as One Day love♥ Very touching. I love it :-)

2AM’s “thanks to” section in their new mini-album:


When is JYPE’s 2nd Kkab Kwon going to come out?
Rookie development team, fighting!
We are oneday! 2PM! We need to do a concert some time!
2PM’s forever Leadja Jaebum-hyung^^ I hope my song gets sent…
2010…2AM, let’s run again..
Even if we’re out of breath and it gets difficult.. we will continue running
keep going..


We are the only friends for each other kekeke
PM Family. Hey Jaebum, I didn’t know that I would cry because of you… miss you
My eternal soulmate, Taecyeon. It looks like we’ll be going to Silver Town together keke
Thoughtful Wooyoung. keke There’s an old feeling to you ke
Khun, who’s been rejecting me these days. ke We have to get beer some time. ke I love all of you so much~^^
Lastly, to 2AM Kwon, Changmin, Jinwoon, who are always by my side giving me strength.
The only thing is for us to become the best!! ke Let’s gain strength aja-aja! ke
To all those that are always with me giving me strength, thank you and I love you!!


►►4Minute’s HyunA reveals diet secrets to losing 40 pounds

Exercising is still best but HyunA’s tips are good too ;-)

HyunA of 4minute revealed on Sang Sang Plus just last week that she used to weigh 40 pounds more.

Her diet secrets are now out and I think it’s feasible, because from seeing HyunA, you can tell it works.

There are two parts to her diet. One method is to not use the elevator and to keep taking the stairs. The second method is to not eat foods made with flour. So staying away from starch foods is probably a good idea.

HyunA stayed away completely from foods made with flour during the time of her diet. She would eat small meals very often throughout the day. Of course dancing would be her exercise.

Netizens commented, It’s hard to believe that HyunA had lost so much weight when she was so young,” and “The effort she put into her diet and the passion she had to become a singer made her who she is today.”

Cr: Allkpop

►►[MP3/DL] SNSD releases full album “Oh!”

Very catchy album indeed :-) I learned to like “Oh!” already haha

01. Oh! [subbed]

02. Show! Show! Show!


►►[VIDs] C.N BLUE in “Making the Artists” episode 1~ subbed!

On this show, C.N BLUE talks about how the band came in formation, their first stage in korea, and each other’s secrets :-)

Cr: nulsaranghae2@YT

►►Caught on Cam: BEAST is friends with 2PM and MBLAQ!

I love them I love them I love them ALL!!♥♥♥

with 2PM…


►►JYPE rejected fans’ request for a Wonder Girls conference but opened up another chance to talk

I’ve decided not to believe anything until Wonder Girl Sunmi herself speaks up :/


The representative of WonderGirls fan union revealed that their request for fan conference with JYP Entertainment has been rejected on 23rd January.

It has been known that fans requested for a conference with JYP CEO Park Jin Young regarding the shocking news of SunMi’s sudden leaving of the group, but it was rejected. According to the fans, JYP has personally rejected the request.
The representative of the fan union announced on 27th January, “We are still in shock and confused state of SunMi’s leaving of the group. Such an important piece of news and it was released through WonderGirls American homepage and not through the fanclub, explaining it briefly in a few sentence in English. We are disappointed with the way JYP announced it.”

“We have been waiting for JYP’s sincere answer but until now we have not heard anything. And when we request for conference, they simply told us that they will reject it.”
It has been known that the fan union had given JYP 4 conditions on 23rd January:

  1. There is a need to explain clearly about SunMi’s activities discontinuity. And when will the discussion and official announcement about the case be released.
  2. Clear explanation about new member HyeRim’s status. This is because in the announcement posted on JYP American website, it is known that SunMi may have her comeback in the future.
  3. SunMi’s fanmeeting. WonderGirls will meet with fans personally and establish a consensus, and also do a goodbye stage, since the last stage they had was during their Seoul concert last March.
  4. JYP to apologise for their unilateral communication.

The fan union has given JYP a notice to hold the conference before 31st January. But it has been unclear from JYP’s side about their stand on holding the conference.

JYP, wondergirls will hold dialogue with fans

It has been known on 27th January that a WonderGirls fan union’s request for conferece with JYP Entertainment has been turned down by Park Jinyoung himself.


►►SNSD’s “Oh!” MV gets 100,000 views in less than 2 hours on GomTV

In the afternoon of the 27th (KST), the music video for idol group SNSD’s second album title song had 100 000 views when it was released, and it went up to the number 1 spot on GomTV music video charts.

The song “Oh!” has already been released on the 25th, and rose to number 1 on major music sites and it is speculated that the album will also rise to the number 1 spot as well. However, it wasn’t just the song, but the performance and visuals with the song and SNSD’s known previous various fashion looks that fans were so much more expectant of this music video.

As to prove this expectancy, SNSD’s “Oh!” music video, which was first released at noon on the 27th through their official website and GomTV, rose to the number 1 on the real-time GomTV music video popularity rankings as soon as it was released. It was recorded to have gained 100 000 hits in just 2 hours. This record was achieved more than twice as fast as the greatest hit of 2009, “Gee.”

The head of the Contents Strategy team of GomTV said, “SNSD’s “Oh!” teaser video released on the 25th rose to the number 1 spot in the popularity rankings, and for at least two days, there have been 220 000 hits.” He also added, “The music video for the song “Gee” by SNSD, when it was released last year through GomTV, it accumulated ten million views and set a record. Observing the trends, “Oh!” looks like it will pass the “Gee” records easily.”

SNSD’s “Oh!” music video has gained a lot of popularity, and so has their most recent music video before this, “Chocoloate Love” which is top 20 in the GomTV rankings. The number of viewer hits for SNSD’s major music video is quickly rising.

original source
translated by taengbear @ ssf

►►Bad luck ZE:A, “Wherever we go, some sort of accident happens”

“we decided to think that’s a good sign”…umm not really lol

ZE:A (Children of Empire) is attracting mechanical failures?

ZE:A confessed in their newest interview: “It’s strange… wherever we go, some sort of accident happens.”

“We were shooting the music video. All of a sudden, bricks on the set fell down from the ceiling. Fortunately no one got hurt, and we heaved a sigh of relief. We tried shooting once again, and then… the lights exploded.”

“Nothing happened during the broadcasting, but it did on Mnet’s stage. Many fans came so the expectations were high, we were nervous to go on stage. But as soon as we went there, microphones and lights turned off. And it’s not everything…”

“We were on our nationwide Wing Car tour, in Daegu. The audience was there and the performance was about to begin, when the microphones broke down. We couldn’t be heard at all.” they said.

“It’s just a coincidence, but we were a little surprised it happens so frequently. We decided to think that it’s a good sign” ZE:A said.

Source: Chosun
Translation: Nashirah@EmpireChildren

►►SBS’s new weekly drama “OB-GYN” releases eye-catching posters

Medical dramas…I can never stand them >.<
↑ LOL so many people commented that the guy- actor Song Joong Ki- is a SHINee Onew look-alike XD

SBS is a couple weeks from airing its new Wednesday-Thursday drama OB-GYN [산부인과 여의사], starring Jang Seo-hee, the recent Daesang winner for her role in Wife’s Temptation.

I hadn’t even known that Song Joong-ki was cast in this, which is news that has me conflicted; I love him and find him adorable, but I have no great desire to watch this drama, which takes the timeslot over from Will It Snow For Christmas against Chuno and The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry. He takes a supporting role here as a second-year resident.

Jang Seo-hee plays a talented ob-gyn (obstetrics and gynecology doctor); she has a romantic plotline with two younger men: one is her friend, played by Seo Ji-seok (Pure 19), and the other is a pediatrician at the same hospital, played by Go Ju-won (Infamous Chil Princesses).

Song Joong-ki’s character shows a different personality than he’s shown previously. For instance, compared to the calm, mature “Ji-yong” role in Will It Snow For Christmas, which gets him regularly recognized now, his OB-GYN character is scatterbrained: “Actually, Kyung-woo [in OB/GYN] is more similar to my real personality than Ji-yong was.”


►►[PICs] 4Minute shows off their sexy sides; but BEAST steals the spotlight

Simply cause these guys are effing BEAST! *0*

HQ fan-cams can be found in THIS POST.

South Korean girlband 4minute, together with their junior/dongsaeng BEAST, performed at Taiwan Convention Center for their first oversea performance yesterday, has already more than thousands of fans to support them. An average of not more than 20 years old members, wore black with red suit shining suit on stage. Amidst the hit music MUZIK, with 3 members namely “Hyun Ah, Ji Hyun and Gayoon” showed off their pretty legs and even purposely took off their coat and showed off their shoulders. However charismatic junior/dongsaeng BEAST that just debut for 100 days is not losing them either. Beast’s performance on stage has gotten even more enthusiastic shouts from fans, that almost took 4Minute’s limelight.

4Minute later than showed off their Chinese and even said a few sentences such as “Is everybody good?” and “Have you eaten?”. 4Minute have seen recommended Taiwan programs in South Korean, therefore learning a few Chinese sentences, which can be used on the day itself. Members have also exposed that, whenever they talked, it will be very noisy, however they do perform their duties. Jihyun, like a mother, loves to take care of the group, Hyunah who loves to laze in bed however is like the daughter of the group, enjoys members` concerns.

Beast that has just debuted for their 100th day, was welcomed by many fangirls. Seeing fans holding lighted cards of members’ name, made them both flattered and surprised and said “Didn’t know that there will be so many B2uties coming, the enthusiastic shouting made by them are even more powerful than the Korean B2uties”, and expressed they are making SHINWA as a goal to move towards towards this goal. This time round due to member “Kikwang” shooting films and thus making himself absent from the performance, they expressed that they will come again to Taiwan to perform as 6 members.


►►[PICs] 2PM @ Spris/PONY fashion show & Market-O fan signing

A LOT OF EYE-CANDIES TODAY!! (be warned of heavy image under cut though lol)

2PM were at the Spris aka PONY fashion show. Taec and Khun, along with actress & Music Bank MC Seo Hyorim (pictured above) were asked to be models for the show.

2PM also held a fansigning on 27th January in Seoul KangNamGoo MarketO ApGooJung store, and the members shook hands and gave autographs to about 500 fans.

2PM has recently been chosen for the model for MarketO. And to get a glimpse of the 2PM members, about 1000 fans had arrived at the fansigning venue since early that morning.

The 2PM members appeared in casual style. And fans were also seen holding placards with ‘Waiting for Park JaeBum’, ‘2PM is 7 members’ written on them during the event.


►►”Oh!” MV reveals the ‘bad’ side of SNSD + teaser to follow-up track

The music video of the female idol group SNSD’s second album title track ‘Oh!’ has been revealed.

SNSD’s newest music video that was released on the 27th presented two different concepts, one of which includes the complete transformation into cute cheerleaders. In a blue locker room, SNSD members were dressed in pink, white and pastel-tone apparels which depicted a barbie-like image, while in a football stadium, the girls were dressed up in blue and white cheerleader uniforms.

However, SNSD members are faced with an unexpected surprise near the end of the music video. Facing the nine cheerleaders from across the room were another set of nine SNSD members with identical facial appearances but dressed up in black leather outfits, who were named as the “Bad” So Nyuh’s (Girls). These nine SNSD members dressed in leather outfits were full of secrecy and charisma.

In regards to the music video, SM Entertainment representative commented, “the ending is intended to show a glimpse of the follow-up track and to raise curiosity amongst the fans about the complete transformation of SNSD.”


►►After School to represent Korea at Billboard Music Awards Japan + promote “When I Fall” next

I honestly thought that “WhenI Fall” was better than “Because of You” so I’m happy ^^

After School has been awarded the title of Billboard Japan’sK-pop New Artist of the Year 2009‘. They will be receiving the award and performing on 31st of January at the Billboard Japan Music Awards.

This awards show is a huge celebration where the biggest and hottest artists are awarded and praised for their hard work and music. I guess After School is gaining popularity in Japan as well.

Pledis Entertainment said, We’re so honored that After School was invited and that they also won an award. They will work hard to put on their best performance.”

After School will begin promotions for When I Fall in February.

Cr: Allkpop


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