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►►[VID] TRAX releases “Cold-hearted man” MV ft. Suju’s Heechul & f(x)’s Victoria!

SM’s rock band TRAX now returns with new MV after releasing their mini abulm.

Victoria & Heechul did a really nice job acting out their parts ^^

Cr: sment@YT

►►C.N BLUE’s JongHyun can’t draw a proper heart? ♥

Fans who got JongHyun’s signature during C.N BLUE’s Signing Event on January 24th noticed something weird beside their names…

~~Jong Hyun’s B-like hearts


(After Jong Hyun signed autogragh)
Fan: What is this B?
Jong Hyun: Uh… it’s a heart.

- saturn.@soompi



►►[PICs] 100125- BEAST takes selca @ Choi JungHwa’s Power Time FM

OMGGG they look sooooo good♥♥! My goodness…Yoon leader is killing me with his ultra handsome face >.<
and finally some action between JunYo couple ^^


►►SNSD’s Tiffany gets injured before comeback

It ’s been repor ted that SNSD’s Tiffany recently fell and sprained her left wrist during filming for the fitness battle of Let’s Go Dream Team. She was taken to the hospital immediately to receive care. Luckily, Tiffany’s injury is far from serious, and the girl is already pretty far down the road to recovery; there is no indication that Tiffany’s schedule will be hindered in any way.

This isn’t the first time that this clumsy dork has fallen and injured herself; during Gee promotions around a year ago, Tiffany injured her ankle by falling down a set of stairs at an award ceremony.

Tiffany (in white shirt & black leggings↓) was seen with a cast during filming for Star King recently, sparking the attention of netizens.


►►Caught on Cam: Super Junior’s “OMG/OMONA” moments @ SSII Beijing Concert

So I’ve collected all the pics that I thought were HILARIOUS from Super Junior’s Super Show II in Beijing on January 23rd. So much win in every picture! XD


►►C.N BLUE’s JongHyun leaves message at official site~ 01/25/10

Jonghyun is adorable♥ I wish he talks more on screen though haha

This is CNBLUE’s guitar playing vocalist Lee Jonghyun!

Hello this is CNBLUE’s guitarist and vocalist Lee Jonghyun.
It was so hard lately because of the extremely cold weather but looking at today, i think the weather’s slowly starting to improve.
However if you’re careless you can catch a cold so please take care of yourselves!!
Health is most important^^

Oh, and these days we are receiving alot of love and attention.
We are practising hard in order to live up to those expectations!
We’ll continue to send you our love through good music.

Now that i’ve written this i can see that its a bit too formal…;;
That’s what my personality is like……… hehe please understand~!

Last but not least, please love CNBLUE and Lee Jonghyun!

+ These days after the music shows i feel so bad when i see you shivering outside.
Whenever you come to cheer for us please wear warm clothes!

Cr: 이종현 @ + x. suki @ (trans)

►►MBLAQ’s Joon is proven to be charismatic, handsome during his high school days

Old photos (bald Joon!) revealed under cut!

I never had doubt Joon went under the knife or something in the first place lol


►►DBSK creates yet another record: JJ Magazine to restock for the 1st time ever

LOL I read some fan accounts on this the other day, how fans bought the issue so fast it ran out within a day I think ^^;

Scans of the issue can be found HERE, Valentines’ Day Interview can be found HERE.

With the popular dance-vocal group Tohoshinki featured on the cover of March issue of the women fashion magazine JJ (on sale on 1/23), the magazine is currently out of stock. It was announced on the 25th that there will be an additional printing and restock for this issue.

The March issue of JJ magazine which features Tohoshinki as the first male group ever to appear on the cover became out of stock everywhere right after it went on sale. This is the first time that JJ is going to have an additional printing. The restock for this issue will be on sale on the 29th.

Source: Sankei Sports
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
Feel free to repost, but please leave the full credits intact. Thanks!

►►[VIDs] 100123- BEAST’s performances in Taiwan

I found HQ fancams gaisss~♥ OMG I would so die to go see these guys live T^T sooooo good! I love them more and more ^0^
So sad Kikwang wasn’t there due to drama filming but the boys totally gave their 110% to make it up!

Dance Break

Good Man (hear the Engrish lol but they are such awesome singers♥ very touching)


►►BEG Narsha touched SHINee MinHo’s thighs, “Not bad”

OMG LOL! Narsha is so straight-forward in whatever she does XD

Brown Eyed Girls Narsha touching SHINee MinHo’s thighs?

The action was noticed during Narsha’s appearance on KBS Dream Team filmed on 24th January where it was the girlgroup special.

Before the match, the MC got Tiffany and Narsha to touch the thighs of the 2 male celebrities to compare. Narsha touched Danny Ahn’s and asked, “Are you going to use all your strength?”. While after touching MinHo’s thighs, Narsha said, “Not bad” and Tiffany said, “Hard to describe” causing laughter during filming.

The show is set to air end-February.

Cr: Sookyeong

►►C.N BLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa thought his manager was a stalker

We kpop fans have heard some interesting “idol discovery stories” in the past, from Lee Hyori, who was discovered through a purikura photo, to 2PM’s Nichkhun, who was scouted at the Korean Music Festival in Los Angeles a few years ago, then pursued by said scout and forced to audition in a public cafe. Apparently, CNBLUE leader Jung Yong Hwa went through a pretty interesting scouting process himself as well.

On January 27, GOMTV will reveal Making the Artist – CNBLUE, which will reveal how the four members of this rookie group were chosen for the band.

It was revealed that, prior to being put into CNBLUE, Jung Yong Hwa discovered online photos of himself at a ski resort, taken by a stalker and uploaded onto an ulzzang cafe. Soon after, someone at school told him that a sachon noona (older female cousin) was trying to contact him. Since he didn’t have such a cousin, Jung Yong Hwa assumed that the person was a stalker and ignored her visit to the school.

A while later, Jung Yong Hwa bumped into his casting manager and discovered that she had been the one trying to contact him at school about CNBLUE. To make things worse, Jung had accidentally mixed up his manager’s number and ignored her calls. Luckily, the two cleared up the confusion during their chance encounter and immediately began preparing for Jung’s debut soon after.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know who posted those shots of Jung on the ulzzang cafe, but since his face is plastered everywhere now with CNBLUE’s debut, I guess it doesn’t make a huge difference.

Making the Artist – CNBLUE will show how the other members got cast as well (haha I already know how JungShin got cast..on the streets!).

Cr: allkpop

►►Nylon Korea Magazine picks 5 Best Idol Voices

Did they pick the right people? For the MOST part, I think so ;-)

Idol Voices

Today’s idols are perfect examples of what kind of music can be performed when one wholeheartedly embraces pop. If there is an idol in our nation that can pull off the neo-soul genre, who would it be? Who is the idol with the most suitable voice for pop music? Five columnists for the pop music scene picked the following.

Big Bang – Taeyang

Is it overkill to say that Taeyang has the brightest future out of all of today’s idols? I don’t think so. Taeyang, through the [HOT] EP, has displayed that ‘bright future’ on his own. More than anything, I hold the greatest expectation for him because of the image he’s held that he knows what he wants to do and he knows what he’s best at, and has continued to work under that knowledge. That he qualified (as an idol singer) should come as no big surprise.

‘Only Look At Me (나만바라봐)’ and ‘Prayer (기도)’ both had a level that could only been attained by someone that knew his future. His vocals don’t stop at imitating black music. He has the vibrations and technique that note R&B or Soul and doesn’t overdo his voice and feelings while coating his music with a black tint. He doesn’t just ‘sing.’ I think he can joke about himself as a ‘semi-R&B vocalist.’


►►[MP3/DL] Big Bang’s Daesung releases solo single “Cotton Candy”

Pictures under cut!

Daesung finally revealed his solo single! He looks so full of aegyo in the pictures haha

DOWNLOAD HERE: Mediafire + 4Shared
Cr: Jenpoo + BBVIP Forum


►►2PM members threw a small party for Junho’s 20th birthday!

~Happy birthday to 2PM’s cutie Junho!~

Hope Junho will receive even more love and gets more spotlight on him in the new year! ^^

Before Junho turned 20 on the 25th of January, the 2PM members threw a small birthday party on the 22nd.

2PM’s agency revealed that Junho, Junsu, and Taecyeon had a joined birthday party in their dorms. After having been busy with year end activities, an associate stated that they had a small but meaningful party and gave each other congratulatory wishes and had a fun time.

Taecyeon’s birthday was on the 27th of December while Junsu and Junho’s were on the 5th and 25th of January.

2PM had finished their first album promotions on the 17th at SBS Inkigayo and had received much love with their title track ‘Heartbeat’ and following track, ‘Tired of Waiting.’ The members are now attempting various different activities and will be reaching the fans in a variety of ways. Taecyeon will be in ‘Family Outing 2′ along with KBS’s new drama ‘Cinderella Sister’ while Wooyoung will be a sub MC in ‘SeungSeungJangKu’ and Nichkhun starring in a new movie, ‘The Shining Diploma.’

May be taken out with full credits. You are not allowed add yourself to the credits nor edit the credits.

►►New Releases: 01/25/10- SNSD, F.CUZ, ZE:A, Daesung

I don’t really do new releases daily but I don’t want 4 posts of just 1 video each so here we go ^^;

SNSD – “Oh!” dance choreography teaser



►►2AM’s new album to be delayed due to their ‘perfection’

To be honest, I think this is a pretty dumb decision. Fans will flock to download illegal copies anyway so what’s the point of delaying even further? =.=;

It’s been confirmed that 2AM’s album has been delayed.

I know you’re all thinking, “But it’s out already!” and you would be right, except it’s only been released online. Not a single physical copy has been released to the public yet.

The reason? The members weren’t satisfied with the photoshoot for the jacket cover, and they decided to discard it.

Leader Jo Kwon said, “Our fans have been waiting a long time for our comeback and we know that. We want to give them the best quality content we have to offer. We know that it’s frustrating to have delays like this, but please wait just a little longer.”

2AM has already begun their promotions and they are doing very well so there isn’t much to worry about, but with a certain nine member girl group set to comeback this week, things might get shaken up.

Because album sales take up a good portion of the voting process for music shows, if 2AM doesn’t get their album out in stores they have little chance of beating out SNSD’s Oh! Good luck to 2AM!

Cr: allkpop

►►FNC: FT Island’s JaeJin is quitting?! + C.N BLUE gathers ‘cloud fans’

Two interesting news snippets from FNC entertainment today with brother groups FT Island and C.N BLUE.

Rumours of Lee JaeJin leaving FT Island

I almost gag when I heard this. Thank God it’s not true or I’m gonna pretty die cause JaeJin was my first Kpop love♥

There has been some speculations amongst fans that FT Island Lee JaeJin is leaving the group. He recently wrote on his minihompy, “I shall wrap things up for a while”. But his company FNC came out to clarify, “This is ridiculous. He did the concert performance with the group on 23rd Jan. He will be performing with the group as planned for their Asian tour in over 10 cities.”

(ETA: The rumours started last week but Jaejin has clarified on the official fan cafe that they hold no truth.)

CN Blue gets ‘cloud fans’ for every fansigning

Newcomer rock band CN Blue has been making topics recently for having ‘cloud fans’ present at every of their fansigning. They had their fansigning at IlSan Lafesta which invited about 200 fans, but 1000 over fans turned up with 800 extra ‘cloud-like’ fans turning up in the end. And for their fansigning on 24th Jan, they had also 2000 over fans present in seoul YeongDeungPo, cramping up the shopping mall space where the fansigning was held.

Cr: Sookyeong

►►SNSD’s “Oh!” was plagiarized from Rihanna’s “Shut up and drive”?

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. I may have agreed a few times before when they say other songs plagiarize others, but this sounds NOTHING alike :P

Looks like we might have another case of plagiarism on our hands: everyone’s been tuning in to SNSD’s recent chart-topping hit track Oh!, and netizens have noticed an uncanny similarity between Oh! and popular American artist Rihanna’s Shut Up and Drive.
Obviously both tracks have different lyrics & different instruments, but with a bit of tweaking…


►►BEG Narsha is not ashamed of getting plastic surgery done

LOL this is actually a good old picture of her..I’ve seen worse but Narsha is pretty now so w/e

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Brown Eyed Girls were known as the faceless group when they first debuted, and Narsha is not embarassed to discuss the fact that she had some work done on her face during that time.

On an episode of Star Golden Bell, Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha confidentally revealed a picture of her pre-plastic surgery face. It’s hard for a celebrity to admit that they’ve done some work on their face, especially for females, but Narsha has chosen to be open about it.

The discussion topic for this episode was, “I want to get rid of my past pictures.” To this, Narsha contributed her two cents and stated, “Even a photo that’s been taken a month ago looks odd. It’s natural, and there’s no reason to hide that.”

Narsha even filmed a short letter for her past self stating, “Hi, let’s go to the hospital together.”

Major kudos to Narsha for being confident with both her past and present self!

Cr: Allkpop

►►Leessang’s Gil gets into serious car accident

Although I don’t know much about this guy besides the fact that he’s ex-Jewelry member Park Jung Ah’s boyfriend, I hope he can recover soon..

Leessang’s Gil got into a car crash today early in the morning. He was getting ready to go to the recording of Sunday, Sunday Night corner, Echo House. Surprisingly, this crash took place on the street, but in the parking lot. While Gil was changing clothes in the car, a truck banged into the vehicle, causing serious injuries to both the driver and Gil.

A representative from his entertainment company said, “Gil and the driver are now in the hospital. The shock was very critical, and we have to see if he can continue his activities. Both victims’ hips and necks have been injured; fortunately, the injuries aren’t life-threatening.”

There is no recording of Come to Play for him this week, but Gil will have to miss out on the filming of Infinity Challenge.

Cr: Allkpop


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