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►►Fans appreciate SBS Inkigayo for reserving a Jaebum spot

2PM fans are expressing their gratitude to the producers of this weeks SBS Inkigayo, where 2PM held their goodbye stage.

On January 17th, 2PM finished up promotions for their 1st album and performed two tracks, “Tired of Waiting (기다리다 지친다)” and “Heartbeat.” During the intro, prior to their final performances, SBS put the image displayed above and left a blank white spot for leader Jaebeom.

In addition to SBS leaving a space for Jaebeom, the 2PM members themselves left a space in the middle for their leader as well. Fans were really able to feel the love for Jaebeom as they chanted loudly, ‘We’ll be waiting Park Jaebeom. We’ll be waiting 2PM.”

After the show, fans expressed their gratitude:

“Inkigayo thank you so much. Only Inkigayo! PD we love you. We were extremely impressed (heart warming). We won’t forget how you took care of us, thank you.”

It was a great way for 2PM to close out their promotions. I have a feeling there’s going to be quite a big surprise for fans when they return.

Cr: allkpop

Fans also created a new fan chant to include Jaebum ^^


►►Suju Kyuhyun’s Pasta OST “ you” is a remake of F.Cuz LeeU’s song?

This song is so lovely♥ I’m glad Kyuhyun was the one who did the remake cause he did a fantastic job (his version is a bit more lively and happy whereas LeeU’s has a bit more melancholy feel to a good way of course) ! Both are my faves from Suju and F.Cuz too keke

F.Cuz’s LeeU got a chance to be part of the OST for 2008 SBS drama “Gourmet”. At that time, he was 19-years-old and he sang Listen to You. He showed off this great vocals though he wasn’t a debuted singer at the time.

Now, two years later, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun is singing in a remix of his hubae’s original track. For the new MBC drama Pasta, he sings Listening… to that person (듣죠… 그대를).

Fans have been commenting, “I knew Kyuhyun could sing but I did not know LeeU could sing so well,” and “It’s the same song but they both have different sounds.”

Netizens have also created a version where they can hear LeeU’s voice through the left speaker and Kyuhyun’s on the right. LeeU said, “It was my first solo song so I was really nervous. Kyuhyun sunbaenim pulled it off very well!”


►►Fans go on Christmas date with “Will It Snow For Christmas” drama cast

Holy shoot these fans are so lucky >.< The fact that they’re not only eating pizza but also gets to sit next/talk to Go Soo makes me swoon for my unlucky fan girl life T^T
Those who have not watch this drama, GO WATCH IT!! lol it’s a bit intense and very dramatic but it’s really really good :-D

Some happy fans got their “Christmas date” with the cast of Will It Snow For Christmas, per the show’s recent promotional event. If you’ll recall, the SBS drama series held an online event that invited fans to tell memorable Christmas stories, with winners getting to meet the actors and possibly win a background acting part.

Four winners were chosen out of more than a thousand participants and given a brief tour of the broadcast station offices on January 14. They shared a meal with lead actors Go Soo, Han Ye-seul, Sunwoo Sun, Song Jong-ho, and Kim Ki-bang, and took photos with supporting actress Jo Min-soo, who plays Go Soo’s mother. In addition, they were shown the drama’s upcoming 13th episode, which airs this Wednesday.


►►f(x) releases more photos of them in Africa

Argh enough with these teasers. I wanna see the real and whole thing!! >.<

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
f(x) took a trip to Africa, more specifically, Kenya, back in October of 2009 for the 2009 Kim Joong Man Africa Project.

The members took photos in the vast beautiful lands of Kenya and the full photobook + video are to be released on the 19th of January. But before that, they have released two more teaser photos.


►►SS501’s Kim Hyung Joon, “Please take care of my brother KiBum in U-Kiss”

Hyung Joon is so caring and supportive of his lil bro :-D I’ve seen him attending many U-Kiss events up till now ;-)

SS501 member Kim HyungJoon attended to U-Kiss’s fan club establishment ceremony not as a singer, but as the real brother of Kim KiBum.

Kim HyungJoon attended to Idol group U-Kiss (Alexander, SooHyun, Kevin, Eli, KiBum, DongHo, KiSeop) official fan club ‘Kiss Me’ 1st establishment ceremony held on 17-Jan at 3.30pm, at SookMyung Art Center Theatre S in SookMyung Girls University, YongSan-gu, Seoul.

Kim HyungJoon had previously attracted attention on their extremely close relationship when he went to support his brother immediately after SS501 returned from Shanghai concert. In addition, Kim HyungJoon requested to the fans “Please help my brother to be able to win 1st for once with ‘ManManHaNi’.”

Especially that he said “This is a very important day for my brother” and he joked with the reporters who requested for him to pose for photo “I’m fine but my brother has portrait rights…”

The MC for this establishment ceremony is Heo JoonEe, the newscaster for KBS 2TV ‘Invincible Saturday – Invincible Baseball Team’.

U-Kiss made their debut in Japan in August 2008. They attended ‘Power of Atamix’, an outdoor live concert with more than 30,000 audience and attended by Hallyu singers.

After which, U-Kiss debuted in Korea by releasing their single album ‘New Generation’ on 3-Sep-08 with title song ‘Not Young’. U-Kiss won the Newcomer award at 2008 Asia Song Festival, and thereafter released their 2nd single album and actively done their activities.


►►SS501’s Kyu Jong & Jung Min to act in drama ‘Super Star’ with ex-Seeya member Nam Gyu Ri

I have not heard about Nam Gyu Ri in a long time after she quits SeeYa but am definitely looking forward to Jung Min and Kyu Jong acting together :-)

In drama series ‘Super Star’ next weekend, SS501 Kim Kyu Jong and Park Jung Min will be acting together with ex-Seeya member Nam Gyu Ri.

‘Super Star’ is filmed in 10 different stories. For each story, the cast, storylines and producers are different.

Episode 6 were acted by Kim Kyu Jong, Park Jung Min and Nam Gyu Ri. The 1st Episode – ‘Black City’ is acted by Kim Hyung Jun & Son Ho Yeong.

Other than leader Kim Hyun Joong, other members are scheduled to act. Heo Young Saeng will also act in this drama but detail information is not confirmed yet.

Credit: (Chinese translation) cHiri-TW @ + (English translation)
Please repost with full credit

►►F.CUZ’s Jinon looks like actor Kwon Sang Woo? “It’s an overpraise”

OMG I never noticed this!!! They really do look alike lol! This kinda reminds me of when T-ara’s JiYeon was told that she looks like Kim Tae Hee and she also responded “oh no…” ;-)

JinOn, the leader of rookie group F.cuz, has been attracting attention due to his appearance and features which resemble Kwon Sang Woo.

F.cuz is famous because one of the members, LeeU, is actually the son of Sul Woon Do. F.cuz made their debut on KBS Music Bank with their title track ‘JIGGY’ on 8 Jan.

JinOn, who graduated from AhnYang School of Arts, was a member of the initial Cho Shin Sung prior to his debut in F.cuz. F.cuz was formed with JinOn as the pivotal character. Subsequently, YeJun and Kan – whom JinOn observed on a regular basis as they are his juniors in High School – also entered the group.

The fans often send compliments to JinOn saying that “You resembled Kwon Sang Woo.” In relation to this, JinOn, who met the reporters on 15 Jan at the backstage of Music Bank, said shyly, “There are fans who tell me things like this. It’s an excessive compliment.”

“In order to not be a burden to Kwon Sang Woo-sunbaenim, I will work even harder. Please watch over the my growth and development from now on, ” he entreated.

JinOn’s group, F.CUZ, has been taking pride in being called ‘Model Idols’ for their refined fashion sense.

Source: newsen
Translated by sOpHiA* @ FCuzed forum

►►Wonder Girls to perform at ‘Show of Peace’ Concert with major world artists

Oh my how exciting! hehe I hope the girl will do well and show the world what they’ve got! :-P

On April 17, 2010 in Beijing, China, the Wonder Girls are invited to perform at the International Show of Peace concert! Other artists like Beyonce, Kanye West, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Black Eyed Peas, Alicia Keys, Green Day, Maroon 5, Christina Aguilera, the Backstreet Boys, Kelly Clarkson, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Usher, Mariah Carey, Coldplay, and Justin Timberlake are included as well.

Its so great the the Wonder Girls have another opportunity to show their amazing talents and to become more famous internationally. Lets cheer them on in 2010 and hope they get more opportunites in the future!

You can’t deny that this global concert will be enormous – with such an ambitious line-up and meaningful message behind the entire event, this will definitely be something to look forward to. For more on the International Show of Peace Concert, check out their official website at, which is available in thirty-five languages. Congrats to the girls for being invited; we look forward to this event!

Check out this video release from a recent press conference, the Wonder Girls give a message in Mandarin Chinese & English @ 7:52

Cr: allkpop

►►ZE:A give their debut performance a 3 out of 10

That’s quite a downer…I thought it was good, not great, but good enough for a debut stage (like a 5 out of 10 at LEAST). Too humble maybe? or it’s just the song choice I guess…I hope they’ll promote either Love Coach or New Star later. Those are two awesome songs :-D

The rookie male group just finished up their debut performances of the music programs, Music Bank and Inkigayo. Though I thought they did fairly well for a rookie group, they were left dissatisfied.

After their first performance they were asked, “What score do you give your first performance?” They answered, “Around 3 points out of 10.” When they were asked why they scored themselves so low they said, “We have a goal. From now on, we will run towards that goal to fill up those 7 points.”

Cr: allkpop

►►[VID] 2AM’s first individual teaser: SeulOng’s version

Showing SeulOng in a rainy scene with a bit of the song. Not bad, not bad ;-)

“Why are you lying that it’ll be okay?”

Cr: 2odsubs1@YT

►►HyunA, “4Minute members watch and criticize me honestly; watch for JiYoon’s solo soon!”

OMG srsly I can’t wait for JiYoon’s solo >.< hehe I hope it’s good cause I’m putting up high hopes for her!

4minute’s HyunA expressed her thanks toward her members for their support on her solo activities.

In a recent interview she said, “My members watch every performance I do. They are very straightforward and honest with their advice so it’s very helpful. I used to perform with my members but since I’m up on stage alone, I have a lot of weak spots. Because of this, I practice a lot harder. My members even watch my practice and sometimes practice with me.”

She also talked about member Jiyoon’s upcoming solo song. She said, “Jiyoon unnie’s solo project has a very different style than mine. It’s very cool. It wouldn’t be bad thing to get your hopes up.”

Cr: allkpop

►►[VID] After School reveals their favorite 2PM members~ subbed

On January 13th, the After School girls were asked which favorite male idol group do they like and they replied “2PM”. Here’s the list of who likes who in case you’re too lazy to watch. UEE was not present on this radio show.

Raina: Wooyoung (she says she knows him as a friend from school too)
Beka: Nickhun
Joo Yeon: Wooyoung
Kahi: Taecyeon
Jung Ah: Junho
Nana: Nickhun
Manager: Nickhun

No one picked Chansung OR Junsu…I was like “srsly?” =.=;

Kor- Eng Translation by Woojin @
Eng-Thai Translation by Yipyeee2 @YT
Text summarize by kpoprants@wp

►►MBLAQ’s Cyworlds: Mir updates about his hometown trip~ 01/18/10

Mir has such a good relationship with his dad♥

After those emotional entries about missing his father and home, Mir finally got a chance to go back to the old farm!
And he brought along some city boys….

[Cyworld] 2010.01.18 at 03:10
In what seems like a hundred years, I went to my hometown.
Although we arrived at dawn, my energy boost was high.
When I saw my dad, my eyes were wide with emotion.
When I used to live in my hometown my dad would never turn on the boiler because of the expenses
but because I said Jjoonie hyung and Chundoong hyung were coming down as well he turned on the boiler.
I was so happy.
But still it was so cold that Jjoonie hyung, Chundoong hyung and I were hugging each other.
We thought our mouths were going around.
The next day we went to the country town and shopped, went to school, worked, and even rode sleds.
I was so happy
Someone kept saying to me that I was their third cousin and kept asking for a sign.
Although I signed I don’t remember.
I only know up to my cousins sorry.
Anyways I was so happy that I went to my hometown in a long time.
If there is a chance I want to go to another village and play too.
Good Night.

Source: Absolute MBLAQ Forum
Translation Credit: mblaq_mir_@abm forum

►►[PICs] FT Island @ Shinsegye Department Store Concert

I spy with my two eyes: a missing goat named Jae Jin :-( and Jong Hun’s hair is back to black *0*
I miss these guys so much T^T I hope they’ll come back with a new album soon and more love to them this year!!


►►2NE1’s Me2day: Dara updates~ 01/15 – 01/17/10

Tam Tam is back! ^0^


Dara: 누구게~?!
Who is it~?!



►►2NE1 uses same tooth brush set as…C.N BLUE?

If you saw 2NE1TV you’d probably have noticed the cute little animal tooth brush set that the girls have. But what would you do if one of the hottest idol group that debuted this year had similar handlers??!

It’s CNBLUE! Anyone here spazzing with me?  I love their song! YongHwa’s such a hottie charismatic lead vocals/rapper! I didn’t expect  him to be like that. I’ve hated him since YAB days but I love him now! haha. It’s cool to know that a four-member boy group have same things with our 4 girls. It’s so cute eh? Picture credit oricon blogs-CNBLUE. OMO I need to know where benette found this! Will add credits later! ENJOY!

Cr: Letsplay2ne1@wp

HOW FREAKIN AWESOME IS THIS?! my two most favorite new groups having the same tooth brush set~~awww ^^

►►Pieces of the Past: BEAST’s DooJoon together with 2PM and 2AM

BEAST’s leader during his “Hot Blood” days ^^

LOL I was reading a comment the other day saying “Doojoon is so hot. Maybe that’s why they kick him out because they want to distribute the hot-ness” and I so agree! (though I still feel bad he wasn’t picked to be in One Day :-()

Leader jjang!

↑ brothers with Wooyoung & Junsu ♥

►►Get to know C.N BLUE: Hobby, Specialty/Talents, Most attractive feature

Jong Hyun does freakin Judo?! my goodness I love this guy *0* and Yong Hwa is freakin talented!! lol Min Hyuk is just adorable and maknae Jung Shin just got scouted out from the streets lol

Specialty/Talents, Most attractive feature (from showcase pamplet)

Yong Hwa : Music listening / clarinet, beatbox / snaggletooth
Jong Hyun : Music listening, sports / Judo / chic smile
(at radio show, he said he won gold medal at Pusan city Judo championship.
Also, he was chosen 2nd period ‘handsome face’ by bestiz, while Yong Hwa was 1st period ‘handsome face’ by bestiz)
Min Hyuk : Football, basketball / flute / eye smile (2 boys play woodwind!)
Jung Shin : Music listening / rap, bass / eyes
(Jung Shin studied photo taking, he was picked up on the street by FNC staff while he was taking photo)

Bluetory album

Yong Hwa did composing, lyric, chorus, guitar, piano, synthesizer wow
Jong Hyun did chorus, guitar, piano, synthesizer. (He composed ‘Never too late’ of Japanese 2nd album)

Introduction @ Debut Showcase:


►►[PICs] 100116- After School’s 1st Anniversary Pictorial

Since January 16th 2009, After School has been together for 1 whole year! Happy -late- Anniversary to the girls!


►►[Interview] MBLAQ chooses Mir as ‘aegyo king’ + G.O as most caring member

MBLAQ did an interview for TRENDY Magazine, talking about their trainee and debut days, Bi Rain as their producer, and they picked each other for certain categories (aegyo king or king of cuteness, most lazy, most caring, most outgoing with fans, etc.)


►►[PICs] 100117- New Super Junior’s KangIn pictorial

~Happy 25th/26th birthday to Super Junior’s KangIn!~

He was my first love to Super Junior♥ lol I hope after the drunk-driving scandal KangIn will become a brand new man in 2010! Many warm wishes as he starts the new year with a new pictorial! ^^


►►G-Dragon’s GaHo and T.O.P share ‘Shrek’ accessories?

Haha when I saw this picture of TOP I knew I had seen those shrek ears before so I went to look up keyword ’shrek’ in the iBigBang archives and I gound that G-Dragon’s pet, GaHo had also wore these famous shrek ears before!

G-Dragon posted a picture on his me2day of GaHo wearing those goofy ears while TOP was seen wearing them for their 2010 calendar photoshoot. So who rocks the shrek ears better, TOP or GaHo? Go at it~!

Cr: aleee1@ibigbang

►►[PICs] Xiah Junsu’s many Kiss scenes in “Mozart the Musical” break fans’ hearts

100117 Xiah Kiss Scene? Many Times?! NO~~~~~~~! Mozart

These are kiss scenes from the previous musical Mozart.
Kiss Scenes…..Urrr~~~~~gh!

Omo, it looks like a pretend?! Their lips are not touching??


►►F.CUZ’s Kan and LeeU got injured during dance practice

Not long after the news of F.Cuz getting down with sickness before their official debut date, two members got injured..I feel bad for these boys :-(

Despite having suffered an injury to his left ankle, Kan from ‘Model Idol’ F.cuz showed his fighting spirit by using crutches and going up on stage.

On the afternoon of 15 Jan, F.cuz completed their stage performance on KBS Music Bank and attended the dance rehearsal for the remix version of their song in the practice room. During rehearsal, Kan got injured as he overstretched the ligament while turning his left ankle for a tumbling practice. The other member, LeeU, also sustained an injury to his right little toe.

The remix version of F.CUZ’s song will add acrobatics to the existing dance moves, and this increased the level of difficulty by another notch. The enthusiasm of the members grew, which has indirectly led to the injuries.

“Kan was immediately sent to the hospital and had to use crutches. As his ankle was very very swollen, we had to let him use the crutches,” a spokesperson of F.CUZ mentioned during a phonecall with Newsen.

However, the biggest problem lies in their schedule. This is because F.CUZ, who has officially started their activities for debut song ‘JIGGY’, was scheduled to perform on Show! Music Core and SBS Inkigayo on 16th and 17th respectively.



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