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►►Which group worked it better? MBLAQ vs. f(x)!

Previously, there was a sweatshirt/hoodie battle between MBLAQ and the Wonder Girls for the same branded sweatshirts/hoodies and according to the poll, MBLAQ won!

But now MBLAQ is back battling against the SM sisters f(x)!

►►[PICs] SHINee’s baby for “Hello Baby” Season 2 revealed!

What a cutie ^^ (although I don’t know if it’s a he or she just by looking at the picture…=.=;)

source: shinee hello baby + shakizi
credit weareshining

►►SNSD’s trainers, “We never made them stick to an 800 calories meal plan”

Interviewed with the head of A-Team, SNSD’s personal trainer Kim Jihoon.

There is still a controversial over SNSD’s meal plan; it was revealed on December of last year that SNSD consumed 800kcal per day. In response, there were mixed reactions. Some people were impressed, “As expected, celebrities are incredible”. On the other hand, others showed their concern for SNSD, “That type of meal plan is probably used for short period of time; they shouldn’t have disclosed such information. 800kcal is not even considered my snacks”.

To check whether this is true or not, I met with Kim Jihoon, SNSD’s personal trainer, the head of the A-Team.

There is still a controversy over SNSD’s meal plan. Do you acknowledge that SNSD consumes only 800kcal per day?

800kcal is false. So far, they have never disclosed someone’s meal plan to anyone. The controversy began when ‘certain trainer’ misinformed the interviewers from certain behind story program, while the head trainer was on hiatus for a month. In fact, that ‘certain trainer’ was not SNSD’s personal trainer.

The moment I read the news articles about SNSD consuming only 800kcal per day, I felt so bad for the SNSD members. That is because I knew those articles wouldl make Soshi members” lives harder. However, it’s still my responsibility that this has happened. Even though that ‘certain trainer’ has misinformed the interviewers, I’m responsible for it.

You said it is false. Then where did 800kcal come from?

First of all, we never gave such a harsh plan that consists of 800kcal per day to any of the SNSD members. In reality, their meal plan consists of 2000kcal or more per day. As a general rule, the head of the team and the personal trainer are supposed to design the meal plan together. They must first consider the factors of ‘Activity’ and ‘Consumption’. If one were to exercise rigorously without eating right, then one would lose their muscle mass. Consequently, this will lead to a Yo-Yo diet. However, since SNSD is busy with their schedule, they don’t have much time left for exercising. As a result, we decreased their calorie intake to balance it out. If they needed to lose weight in short a period of time, there were times when we adjusted their meal plan so they would consume 1200~1500kcal per day, which varied from member to member.

SNSD members are loved because they are full of life. SNSD is one of the A team’s valued customers and there is no reason for us to hinder their promotion activities by decreasing their calorie intake and putting them through rigorous exercise programs. In general, SNSD went through healthy exercise programs. Rather than focusing on burning off their fat, they went through exercise programs which were designed to increase their muscle mass. In order to increase one’s muscle mass, it is vital to eat right. So we worked harder to design SNSD’s meal plans and recommended them to eat right.


►►4Minute’s team sticker photo sparks interest among netizens

4minute member GaYoon uploaded a sticker photo of 4minute with staffs on her cyworld minihompy recently.

GaYoon posted the photo last January 12 and it was revealed that the photo was taken when the girls celebrated their first meal together with the staffs.

The members with their varying expressions and poses showed the girls having fun while taking the photo.

Netizens who saw the photo commented:

“4minute teamwork is good.”
“Like the photos posted last time, 4minute seems to enjoy taking sticker photos.”
“They look very cute. I wonder what first meal they celebrated.”

On January 23 a special package album of 4minute’s mini album “For Muzik” shall be released simultaneously on 9 Asian countries. The announcement is currently receiving good responses from the public.

source: newsen
reporting + translation:

►►2NE1 on UFO Radio: Bom speaks about corn incident, Dara talks about her bizarre facial expression

On the most recent UFO Radio, 2NE1’s Sandara Park, Gong Minji, and Park Bom confessed their true feelings. Amongst the topics, the popular “Park Bom corn incident” arose.

After the image of her eating corn at night appeared on 2NE1TV, when people thought of “Park Bom”, “corn” would soon follow.

Park Bom stated regarding this, “I was really embarrassed about the corn incident but it felt like it was an opportunity for the fans to become friendlier with me.”, “I’ll be careful not to cause a second episode of the corn incident.”

Meanwhile, Sandara Park reveals the inside story about the bizarre self-ca’s on her me2day “Bizarre self-ca’s are like communicating with visual letters”, “I think that showing a picture is more effective than simply just saying what I’m doing or what I’m into these days.”

Especially since her photos are ‘pictures that are filled with the soul of art and rules’ she stated, “I cannot approve of other people calling them bizarre selca’s”.

Sandara Park, who’s wrinkled nose facial expression is like a mascot, said “Even with my nose wrinkled, I send messages to fans saying “I miss you, thank you, I’m good, I’m tired, I love you”, “Don’t you think that in the future, the wrinkled nose facial expression will become a trend?”

Gong Minji who is known for her mania for puppies confessed her feelings that “I can’t raise a puppy because I live with the other members, it’s a shame.”

Also, Gong Minji said “I want a cute puppy like G-Dragon’s dog ‘Gaho'”. When fans heard this, many fans pitied her stating, “She wants to raise a puppy but she can’t have one because of her surroundings.”

source: here
translation: GEE @
do not remove/edit the credits

►►[VID] BEAST and 4Minute’s pre-debut ski resort clip revealed!

Awesomeeeee~♥ Cube Family ^^

On the 14th, a predebut video of Beast and 4Minute from 2 years ago was revealed on the Beast official homepage. It shows the two groups when they were trainees, going on a MT to a ski resort and having fun.

source: newsen | translations by filmsession @ omona_prection
video: b4stminute

►►Most Illegally Downloaded Songs and other Files of 2009 in Korea

NOTICE this is only in Korea ;-)

MBC’s sitcom, Un stoppable High Kick, Davichi, and Son Dam Bi’s “Saturday Night” was found to have the most illegal files.

On the 13th, Korea’s copyright protection center has announced the data of illegal files they had for 2009. In those results, the top show was Unstoppable High Kick with 129,401 files shared. No. 2 for shows was SBS’ Wife’s Temptation (84,097), and third was MBC’s Seon duk Yuwang with 75,376 files.

For music, the artist with the most illegal files downloaded was Davichi with 60,409 files. Second was Big Bang (57,091), and third, Lee Seung Gi (56,491).

For songs, Son Dam Bi’s “Saturday Night” had the most with 1216 files. No. 2 was Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” (1016), and 2NE1 and Big Bang’s “Lollipop” (975).

Probably not the best things that these artist got made the list, but it’s interesting to see what people in korea share illegally.


►►[VID] C.N Blue releases their debut MV “I’m A Loner”!

IT’S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODD!!! I just realized how much I missed K-rock >.< and btw, Jung Yong Hwa rapping is HOT!

To view the FULL subbed MV, click HERE.

btw, we’re trending #CNBlue today @ 8PM KST so get ready on Twitter!!

On January 14th, CNBLUE’s first mini album [Bluetory] will be released.

1. 외톨이야 (타이틀 곡) “I’m a loner” (Title Song)
2. Love Revolution
3. Y, Why…
4. Now or Never
5. 그럴 겁니다… 잊을 겁니다… “I will..forget you…”

The new blue wind to stir up the K-pop scene,

The new band CNBLUE, who first debuted as an indie band in Japan and has been training themselves to their full talents, finally appears before the Korean public. After performing in streets in Japan, and live club stages over 100 times, CNBLUE already proved its skills through two single albums. But now they will release their Korean debut mini album ‘BLUETORY. CNBLUE can freely perform anything from straight and powerful sound to emotional ballad. Therefore, their debut album can be seen as the best playing card for the 2010 Kpop scene.


►►Fan accounts reveal SS501’s Jungmin as a sweet and caring person

Here are some fan accounts about Jung Min which was shared in TripleSTW. I am so touched by Jung Min’s kind and thoughtfulness. Though he is a superstar he is still so humble. This (and the fact that he’s really funny)  is why he’ll always be my favorite♥

[Fan Account][2010.01.13] Heartwarming story of Jung Min

1. Park Jung Min bought all vegetable from the old grandmother selling vegetable in Subway

A big guy wearing full black, squating down infront of the old grandmother buying vegetable, causing a lot of people to stare at him. Jung Min don’t care about other people’s strange look towards him and bought all of the vegetable from the old grandmother…..

(Mini UFO: I am so touched by Jung Min’s warm & kind act.)

2. After the Musical completed, he walked out carrying a lot of things, and the fans kept giving him gifts and letters.

Jung Min: Sorry, really sorry, I have no hands to receive the things that you put inside, really really sorry
(Mini UFO: It is rude for not receiving present using hands, so he keep apologizing. He is so polite and humble)

3. Loan 1000won for student who has no money to go home

A student was pacing to & fro infront of the subway station because he didn’t have enough fare to go home.
The student ask Jung Min: “Brother, please loan me 1000won. I lack of 1000won to go home. TT TT”
“Ah, really? Can’t go home?”
“Yes…. TT TT TT TT “
“Ah, here^^” Smile and gave 1000won, the student was so happy and keep cheering for SS501.
“Thank you! SS501 fighting!”

Credit: + (Chinese translation) + (English translation)
Please repost with full credit

►►[PICs] Looking back at MBLAQ’s Goods & Bads

A netizens have compiled many different pictures that captured MBLAQ’s good and bad moments. Go undercut for the list!

Meanwhile, have some nice photos ^^:


►►[VID] BEAST’s 4D talents as impersonators

I found a clip of a combination of BEAST’s impersonations and it is HILARIOUS! lol pretty much every BEAST member can do something (Yoseob likes to imitate birds (and it’s GOOD!!!), Doojoon likes to imitate news reporters (especially a guy named Ahn Soong Ki lol), JunHyung likes to imitate drama lines, Hyung Seung likes to imitate someone that yells constantly lol, KiKwang and Dongwoon are very random…

Very funny! I recommend you watch it! and be amazed lol

Cr: B2STalert02@YT

►►2NE1 to personally deliver goods for 11st ‘2NE1 Product Delivery’ Event

Can you imagine to open your house door one day and find 2NE1 in front of you? Lucky fans in Korea will get to feel this experience!

Open market 11th street (, operated by SK Telecom, is holding a special event titled ‘2NE1 delivers’ with 2NE1, the model of 11th street, until February 3rd.

For this special event, the members of 2NE1 will deliver the ordered products personally, using a special delivery vehicle of 11th street. Anyone who purchases products on 11th street can participate in the event by visiting the homepage.

The public relations manager of 11th, Park Sang Hoo, said “There was no such event of having celebrities deliver in the domestic distribution industry. In the future, 11th street will strive to provide distinguished benefits and experiences for the consumers through various entertainment marketing activities.”

credit: ygsecret21

►►Bada, “There are many girls who like Lee Seung Gi but think he is too upright and honest to approach”

Shocking (but maybe that’s why he’s on the top singles list of 2010?!) ! haha poor Seung Gi-ah~ btw,

Happy 23rd birthday to Lee Seung Gi!!

Hopefully a female celeb will approach to you this year \(^0^)/

On the recent episode of Strong Heart on Jan 12, 2010, MC Lee Seung Gi stated that he really did not receive any request from female artistes to become friends.

Upon hearing what Lee Seung Gi said, female singer, Bada add on saying: “Actually, there are many people around her who like Lee Seung Gi but all think he is too upright and honest to approach.” Her words receive a lot of resonance from the female artistes on set.

Bada continues: “I have a really beautiful junior who is a fan of Lee Seung Gi and one day she asked me if I could give her Lee Seung Gi’s number. However, I don’t have his number so I can’t help her. This junior is an actress whose popularity is high, once I say out her name, everyone will know who is she.”

MC Kang Ho Dong commented on Lee Seung Gi’s high popularity “there are only Lee Seung Gi and Yoo Jae Suk who can be so gentlemanly and funny.” This comment made the whole studio burst out laughing.

Also in that episode, Lee Seung Gi also expressed that he still have not tried being crazily in love and regret that he still has not met his Mrs Right.

Cr: Leeseunggi@wp

►►[VID] SHINee’s messages to their future wifes @ SimSimTaPa Radio

LOL it’s hilarious! Here’s a sypnosis (not the whole messages!) for those who don’t believe me:

Key: I want to always do the good things for you. Cause you’re my top priority.

Taemin: It’s been 300 days…let’s have a son and MANY daughters (LOL!)

Jonghyun: I’m sorry I’m not always a good husband…let’s have a child..we’re childless. LOL!x2)

Onew: I always want to talk formal to you (Key interrupted “you sounds like you’re talking to your teacher”) because I love you so much.

All of them ended with a “Yobeo (honey), saranghae!” how cute ^^

Minho was absent due to Dream Team recording :-( Sorry Minho’s future wifey >.<

►►[VIDs + PICs] ZE:A/Children of Empire’s Debut Showcase

On Jan 13,2010, the new 9 member boy group ZE:A (Children of the Empire) finally threw their debut showcase!

The showcase takes place in a club located in KangNam-gu, Cheongdam-dong,Seoul and starts at 3 pm onwards with their senior Park JungAh and Seo InYoung conducting the event. The boys started their debut showcase by performing Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean. Then ZE:A performed their single from their mini album Nativity like : ‘Love Coach’, ‘New Star’ and title single ‘Mazeltov’ to the attendees including their 150 fans at the showcase.

It is said that ZE:A members had shown a nice choreography and brilliant vocal performances in the showcase.

ZE:A: “We finally make this debut. We’re really happy and we’ll do our best and work hard to show our best appearance. We hope to become the best singers in Korea. ZE:A will work hard from now on”, they said.

Park JungAh and Seo InYoung also expressed their feelings towards the group,” We see them growing, we see them since their trainee days and we think these boys will do great and we do look forward to see more from them. We’re proud to see that these boys are growing more and showed us a beautiful appearance,” they said.


►►[VIDs] DBSK’s “Break Out” MV + 2PM’s “Cass Beer” CF are released!

Both are sooo good! (though DBSK’s was a bit creepy with the zombies (?) and the ghosts and 2PM’s is a little bit short but w/e) ^0^

DBSK – Break Out!

2PM – Cass Beer CF (15 sec)

►►4Minute’s HyunA has #1 popularity among Korean military officials

After her Change “Luxury Abs” dance is recognized as the first dance trend of 2010, HyunA is popping her way to the top with recognition as the #1 female celeb among military officials.

HyunA, who made the first dance trend with the ‘pelvic dance’ for her solo song ‘Change’, had recently worked at KangWonDo with the army officials in the heavy snow together with the other G7 members on KBS Invincible Youth.

Kim TaeWoo had asked the army officials, “Are there photos of the G7 members in your lockers?” and HyunA was picked for #1 popularity amongst the officials.

The officials said, “HyunA look sexy when she dance”, “And she sings well” etc.

The G7 membera also did a popularity poll with 50 of the officials.

The show will air at 11.o5pm on 15th January.

Cr: Sookyeong

►►Enlistment date set for actor Joo Ji Hoon

I’m wishing him a good 2 years in service and hopefully everyone will forget about the scandal so he can start anew again after that! All this talents should not go to waste ;-)

Joo Ji-hoon (Goong, Antique Bakery) has received his army enlistment date: February 2, which was announced by his management on the 14th.

The actor had been intending to enlist early at the end of last year following his drug bust and ensuing indictment. Joo has kept a very low profile since the scandal broke and, aside from performing community service that was a part of his court-ordered punishment, he hasn’t been seen at all. He is currently preparing to enter into military service, where he will serve full-time for two years in the reserve forces.

This actually works well for him (considering the circumstances) since he was given a year’s probation with a six-month suspended sentence; since he’ll be in the army during his probationary period, it’s as good as wiping that six-month suspended sentence off his record now. Plus, he had been banned from appearing on television stations KBS and MBC, and with the scandal blackening his reputation, it wasn’t like he would be able to work. Since he was born in 1982, he would have had to enlist by this year anyway. Perhaps by the time he’s out, he’ll have a chance to rehabilitate his image. (Army duty has a way of whitewashing images, I’ve noticed…)

Original article: DongA
Translation by: Dramabeans

►►Wonder Girls to have a “date” with Justin Bieber for Valentine’s Day

Guess who’ll be spending Valentine’s Day with the Wonder Girls?!
That’s right, Wonder Girls are opening for Justin Bieber for a special concert!

Sunday 02/14/2010 6PM
Hollywood Palladium (Los Angeles, CA)

Justin Bieber is a Canadian singer who was discovered by Usher. Justin, 15 years old, made his popularity through

Cr: wondergirlsworld

oh hey it’s that kid…:/

►►[PICs] 2PM releases ’10 By 10′ Kiss Me mugs + photoshoot

The mugs look so good! argh I WANT.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


►►Actor Lee Byung Hun to appear on CNN’s “Talk Asia”

Even if you miss it, you can watch these full episodes on CNN’s website. Can’t wait to hear his Engrish English! ;-)

Actor Lee Byung-hun is set to appear on CNN’s “Talk Asia” on Jan. 20.

Actor Lee Byung-hun is expected to appear on CNN’s “Talk Asia” program next week, where he is expected to talk about his recent success on the small screen in Korea and his foray onto the big screen in Hollywood.

Last year, Lee starred as Storm Shadow in Stephen Sommers’ action flick “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” and played the lead character in the KBS television drama “Iris.”

Iris, which will have its season finale on Dec. 17, was a hit here and topped the ratings with an audience share of close to 40 percent. It will be shown in seven Asian countries including Japan, where Lee has a legion of fans.

Lee’s turn in G.I. Joe, which is reported to have grossed over $300 million worldwide, brought him international recognition. He has already signed on to appear in the sequel, which is reported to begin shooting in the second half of the year. But Lee nearly threw the opportunity away, as a press release containing excerpts from the interview revealed.

“When I first heard about G.I. Joe from my agent, I didn’t know what it was,” he said.
“I refused the offer at first. But everyone told me to do it and said it was a huge opportunity.”

“One of my very good friends, Park Chan-wook, who made ‘Oldboy,’ said to me, ‘If you really want to go to Hollywood, why don’t you do it? It will be a very good opportunity.'”

Lee’s year has not passed without drama. He and his ex-girlfriend traded a spate of accusations in a very public scandal that damaged his reputation and resulted in a lawsuit.

Talk Asia accompanies Lee onto the red carpet at the opening night of the 14th Pusan International Film Festival in October, and follows him to the Iris set.

The program featuring Lee will be aired on Jan. 20, followed by several reruns on the network. After the first broadcast, it will also be available online at

Cr: JoongAng Daily

►►F.CUZ, “We dream of being the focus of the music industry as individualized dolls”

Read the ending lol! They saw a female ghost just like SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong! XD

Currently gaining high exposure as an idol group, combined with the recent release of their debut single ‘Jiggy’ and having a member whose father is Sul Woon Do, the 4-unit male group ‘F.CUZ’ has made their leap into the music industry. The members are JinOn (21), LeeU (20), Kan (19) and YeJun (18). In contrast to the recent trend of having densely-populated idol groups consisting of 7-13 members, F.CUZ made their debut with a small formation.

What first attracted the attention of the teenage fans to F.CUZ is the fact that Sul Woon Do’s son, LeeU, was selected to be a member. The other thing is leader JinOn’s familiar face, as he had previously been training to debut in the group ChoShinSung (Supernova).

Adding ’cause’ to ‘four’, the word F.CUZ – which is pronounced as focus – is filled with their dreams of becoming the focus of the music industry.

F.CUZ released their digital single ‘Jiggy’ on the 8th, a song which is composed by Han Sang Won. F.CUZ was formed in the beginning of 2008 and they received training for two years. JinOn, who graduated from the AhnYang School of Arts, made a ‘love call’ to his juniors – namely YeJun and Kan – who were in the same High School dance team as him. LeeU was selected after he went for an audition through his father’s recommendation.

LeeU fell head over heels in love with music when he was studying in America from his 2nd year of Middle School to 2nd year of High School. “My father was involved in the production process when I was preparing to debut as a solo singer. I was very lazy back then and I didn’t even practise. I only thought it was going to be easy to rise to the position of my father, and I was complacent. Now I know what reality is like. I grabbed the opportunity through my father’s recommendation, and if it didn’t work out, I was going to enter the military service. But now I am a changed person,” said LeeU.

My original dream was to become a singer, but I was told by my family to go into acting. Within a day after I received the call from JinOn-hyung, I persuaded my mother and went to the audition,” Kan told us the secret story behind his casting.


►►f(x)’s African photoshoot for 2009 Kim JoongMan Africa Project revealed!


Last year on December 13th, Kim Junman took f(x) to Africa for his project, and finally revealed the pictures he took there.

For Kim Junman’s 2009 project, f(x) also work together with the singer Kim Junshin and magician Lee Eunkul.

We heard that f(x) had a fun time in Africa by playing soccer with the Massai tribe and also teaching them how to dance along to their hit song.

Kim Junman has revealed how he felt working with f(x), “f(x) has a image of being pure idols. On the imaginary white piece of paper that shows how successful f(x) will become, the picture of them being with the f(x) and the kids from the Massai tribe are on there.”

Starting from 2007, Kim Junman started the project called “Build the Goal of Hope”. Last year, in the recognition for the 2010 world cup that will be held in South Africa, he worked on the project with the Massai tribe.

The documentaries, videos, and pictures from the 2009 Africa project will be revealed on the 19th, on Naver.

Source:newsen + bestiz
Translator: Sugarcookie
Credit: Affxtion Forum

►►New group ZE:A already gains prominence with international contracts

New Korean boyband ZE:A (Children of Empire) has signed contracts with world-renowned recording companies before their debut, gaining much attention

ZE:A, which recently debuted with “Mazeltov” on the 7th of January, recently signed a contract with renowned music companies Warner Music Chinese Mandarin Group and Sony Music, making its advance towards the world music market even before its official debut.

ZE:A’s promotional activities under Warner Music will start in Taiwan, followed by Hong Kong, mainland China, Macau, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines etc. Sony Music will distribute ZE:A’s albums in Thailand and Singapore, and also hold its own promotional activities. As of now, details are still unconfirmed

That a brand new group has signed contracts with industry powerhouses Warner and Sony and even started its advance into the Asia market is unusual in the Korean music industry. This shows that the Asia market is highly anticipating ZE:A’s debut.

“Through the media, we have been following ZE:A’s growth as a group. They have the ability to gain a stable foothold in both the Korean and Chinese music industry with their singing and dance ability as well as appearance. Now, many overseas fans also expect much from ZE:A, and after entering the Asian market, this group has the potential to become a top idol group in Asia,” representatives from Warner and Sony both expressed in separate interviews.

The recently debuted ZE:A will have their showcase on 13th January, their first step towards conquering Asia.

Translated by: zephyr@EmpireChildrenForums


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