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►►Super Junior’s Leeteuk revealed, “I had lessions to be an MC from Kang Ho Dong”

Well he got the right teacher, I can tell you that much ;-)

In a recent interview with Moneytoday starnews, Leeteuk said “I had wanted to be a MC since when I debuted” and “Not long ago, Ho Dong hyung told me <From now on I will give you lessions to be a MC>”.

Since Super Junior’s debut in 2005, Leeteuk has been MC & panel on some TV entertainment shows, with his witness he had showed to have a lot of possibility to become a MC. Currently, he is attending SBS “Strong heart” & “Star king” with the fellow members Eunhyuk & Shindong.

Leeteuk revealed that “chime in” and “shouting” are the main points in Kang Ho Dong’s MC lession. “Whenever anybody says something, you must chime in with a right way, it’s the most important thing, and speak loudly the word ‘Ita’* “, “In the future if you want to be a national MC, the work experience is important. Even 10 years later you become like this (a national MC) you still have to practice and work hard”

Leeteuk said “I always say it’s Ho Dong hyung whenever people ask me who is the best MC” and adding “because there is a reason that I havent had chance to do show with Yoo Jaeseok-sshi yet”. “Actually there are many people who do very well so it took me quite a long time to get Ho Dong hyung’s recognition. I think that I had done well in the beginning so I should work harder no matter what”

Leeteuk also said that Kang Ho Dong always emphasised the importance of “family”, “Ho Dong hyung always tells me that family is the most important and precious thing. ‘Family is important. The dorm where you live, the broadcasting station and even the office are also the family. Once you do all this activities, you will realize that family is way more important than money’ is what he taught me and it’s always deep in my heart. And I came to know that not anyone can become ‘national MC’ “

Leeteuk continued with “Hodong hyung always chooses Lee Kyungkyu to be the best MC”, and he said determinedly “My dream is that once I become a popular MC, whenever people ask me who is the best MC I will say it’s Kang Hodong”

* “Ita” (이다) is a verb in Korean which is used to express a statement sentence.

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►►[VIDs] DBSK Yoochun’s new song at “Smile Again” Fanmeeting

wahh how beautiful! especially cause he’s on the piano himself *0*

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►►091212 MBC Music Core – Copyright Clean Concert

SHINee – JoJo ♥♥♥

2PM – 클린송 (Coolin Song?)


►►2PM is picked as Best Artist of the Year by TV producers

Current variety Producers from 3 Terrestrial TV stations, KBS MBC SBS, picked 2PM as the Best Artist of the Year 2009.

From Dec 7th to 9th, Money-today Star news conducted surveys, ‘Best artist of the year’ ‘Best songs’ ‘Best male, and female artist (including group)’ ‘Best rookie’ ‘Best issue in k-pop field” among variety show’s producers, and summed up the result on Dec 10th. Total of 22 producers participated in this survey.

Variety producers direct from music programs to variety programs, where singers make frequent appearances. Thus, they have more interest in k-pop field and singers, and know more about the actual scene of music program than anyone else.

Then, whom would they pick as best artist of year? It’s no one else but 2PM. 2PM proudly grabbed first place in “Best artist of year’ with 9 votes. 2PM, who debuted last year, gained popularity this spring and summer with “Again &Again” and “I hate you”; making another hit with ‘Heartbeat’ again.

They also went through a hurtful situation when leader Jaebeom’s previous words on my space became an issue, and left the team last September. However, even after 2PM reformed themselves with 6 members, they’ve shown their manly charms through ‘heart beat’; grabbing hearts of teenagers to Nuna fans.

One PD, who voted for 2PM, said “2PM ruled the stage with their strong performance. Based on this, their 3 songs made a hit in a row this year. So, I picked 2PM as the best artist without any hesitation.”

2PM’s power even continued in ‘Best male artist’ part. Earning 17 votes, 2PM won ‘Best male artist’ by an overwhelming majority.

Translated by: 2PM-ONLINE

►►DBSK pwned Big Bang in a “martzzang battle”

That’s a biiiiiiig gap @_@ is this even fair? considering DBSK has been around a lot longer than Big Bang =.=;

TVXQ won over Big Bang in martzzang battle with an overwhelming KO victory. Kim Hyeong from at the press release on December 11th said, “The sales result of live album battle between TVXQ and Big Bang started from the 9th is out and TVXQ album got a KO victory with an overwhelming 95% share.”

Ever since the sales started, the battle between these two largest fandom made site which is supported by 1000 servers crashed due to the exceeded maximum quantity of visitors.

“The first time battle between these two largest group had been receiving a lot of explosive reaction. To have the enormous power of TVXQ and Big Bang meets in a direct battle was definitely a worth match. We’re really satisfied eventhough the battle caused our servers to crash.”

Since TVXQ wins, therefore the customers who purchased TVXQ products will get more points. In the future there are more plans in to make various star battle due to the high interest from customers.


►►Who do the Brown Eyed Girls want as their husbands?

OMG these girls’ choices differ so much from each other haha

The Brown Eyed Girls are currently in Singapore participating in the Sundown Festival Seoul’d Out at Fort Canning Park with F.T. Island. Before they Seoul’d Out event, the girls had a brief interview with Channel News Asia.

Ga-In was asked a question about Jo Kwon and their relationship in We Got married. After that they asked the rest of the Brown Eyed Girls on who they would want as husbands if they were on the show.

Narsha said she would choose 2PM’s Wooyoung as her husband. Miryo said she would choose Kim Hyun Joong from SS501..and JeA said she would choose underaged SHINee’s Taemin. Jea also stated that she would protect him and pack his lunchbox.

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►►[VID] New group F.Cuz releases photoshoot teasers

I don’t approve of the curly hairstyle on that guy :-(

They won’t actually debut till January 8th, 2010?! That’s a lil bit too long to wait..

►►2PM’s “Tired of Waiting” is used for movie OST “Jeon Woo Chi The Taoist Wizard”

haha I’ve always thought 2PM’s songs make really good OSTs!

►►Davichi’s Kang Min Kyung voted #1 as celeb who looks older than her age

It’s still too early to tell…what if she turns 25 and still look as young as she does? Min Kyung is really pretty for all I know :-P

Davichi Kang MinKyung was chosen as #1 for the one “whose face age the most”.

On KBS Star Golden Bell aired on 12th December, the guest appearances present have all voted Kang MinKyung as the one with “those face that age the most”.

Group Secret member Jeon HyoSeong said, “Kang MinKyung is 89-er and 1 year younger than me. At first, I thought she is an unnie since she is a seonbae and is taller than me. But turned out that she is younger.”

SES member Shoo said, “The way I see it, I think Kang MinKyung and I are from the same family tree. Her little little moments are all similar to mine.”

Voted at #2 was Jung Juri. Jung Juri said, “I debuted at 21. From then I was being called a housewife.” Lee SooGeun added, “That’s the kind of face you will not get tired of even if you look at it in 10 years.”

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►►Actors & Actresses join together for “Share Happiness” ELLE Photoshoot

Kim So Yeon & Seon Woo Seon’s attractive pictorials join the “Share Happiness” campaign

The two actresses have joined the charity campaign “Share Happiness” held by fashion magazine ELLE, along with the other 93 popular stars such as Jang Dong Gun, Go So Young, Lee Young Ae, Shin Mina, Su Ae, Kim Nam Gil, Joo Jin Mo, Han Jae Suk and many others. As we know, this nonprofit campaign will take all the profits to women with talent but have not received education to gain social status. And the concept for this pictorial is to show compassion through joy and laughter.

Kim So Yeon herself has been in this campaign last year, which made this year her 2nd year with ELLE “Share Happiness.” With her strong performance as the vulnerable, strong and charismatic North Korean intelligence Kim Seon Hwa, she has gained much exposure these days as much as getting a reputation as the ‘friendly So Yeon-ssi.” She was very happy to be able to join this campaign for 2 years now, so despite of her busy filming schedule for IRIS, she made sure to arrange her time for this campaign. “I love to share happiness with others through my pictures, rather I become happier because of it,” as she revealed her opinion about the pictorial.

As for Seon Woo Seon, her mini series just started 2 weeks ago. She has shown her unique charms, bold lines and distinctive expresionless mask which is kinda hard to find in other Korean actresses. During the shoot, Seon Woo Seon got interviewed about her make-up and image for this pictorial, but she said she appreciated the image that she had to reflect for this pictorial. “I used to say that my thick lips are to my disadvantage, but nowadays I realize that you can look attractive when you could how people your unique personality.”

The “Share Happiness” campaign this year has asked netizens to join the campaign. From December 8 through the 29, ELLE magazine (WWW.ELLE.CO.KR) and Elle Atzine ( will collect profits collected from the campaign through this pictorials and call it “Happy sharing project.” Netizens can accessing the above website, along with the 93 things special stars pictures that the campaign had worked on.

Kim So Yeon


►►KARA’s Nicole reveals her thought about 2PM’s Jaebum

On a recent episode of her reality show, Nicole the Entertainer’s Introduction to Veterinary Science, the Kara member offered her thoughts on the Jaebeom situation.

During one of her lectures, the topic of Jaebeom leaving 2PM due to netizen reaction was brought up.

Nicole said:
“Misunderstandings can come up between friends and on the internet. People sometimes forget how much more words can hurt than actions. As entertainers we all want to receive love. Even though I act like it doesn’t matter, there have been times where I have been hurt. I still remember the negative comments I saw on the internet during my debut. I even remember the screen names. Celebrities are people too. Netizens should think about how their comments can affect them.”

Nicole the Entertainer’s Introduction to Veterinary Science airs on MNET and follows Nicole’s daily activities in Veterinary School.

Cr: allkpop

►►Top Idols who have the Most Impact in KPop World in 2009

Results are not surprising at all lol

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

[TVReport reporter Hwang Inhye] The girl group SNSD (with Taeyeon, Sooyoung, Tiffany, Jessica, Yuri, Yoona, Hyoyeon, Sunny, and Seohyun) have been chosen by viewers as “The singers with the most impact in the pop world in 2009″.

SNSD, who has won the big Golden Disk award, also placed first on the December 11th episode of MBC’s “Section TV – Star Ranking Season 2″ and were again proven to have dominated this year.

During the first half of the year, SNSD started the Gee syndrome. They led a huge skinny jeans trend among ladies in their teens and 20’s, and their “crab-leg dance,” “perfume dance,” and “Alphabet G dance” have all been redone in numerous parodies.

During the second half of the year, the girl group hit a home run with their second mini album, “Tell Me Your Wish.” While their competitor Wondergirls left for a while for the States, they were able to hold the title of the “National Girl Group.”

2nd place: Brown Eyed Girls
3rd place: 2PM

►►2PM members reveal their Christmas wishes!

haha I don’t know if Santa’s gonna grant your wishes, bad boys :-P

2PM revealed their Christmas wishlist at the recording of SBS Kim JungEun’s Chocolate on the 9th of December in KangSeogu, Seoul.

Chansung said ‘escaping being single’ and Junho said ‘I’ve stopped thinking about Christmas presents. I want to enjoy [Christmas] with everyone onstage.’

Junsu revealed that ‘there are many people that are unwell around us. I want everyone to be healthy, and not get ill.’

Continuing on, Taecyeon said ‘We recently moved dorms but my room has gotten smaller. I’m sharing it with Junsu so I wish we could expand it’ and Nichkhun laughed, saying ‘I want all of you to become rich.’

Wooyoung said wittily ‘I am anticipating that our teacher Park JinYoung hyung will give us Christmas presents’. On this day at Kim JungEun’s Chocolate, Park Jinyoung also appeared.

MC Kim JungEun also spoke about her Christmas wishes.

She said ‘I’d like to do Chansung’s dance part in 2PM’s Heartbeat’ and went on to perform Heartbeat with 2PM.

Meanwhile 2PM sang Heartbeat, I Hate You, Only You and Last Christmas.

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