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►►Which Kpop singers are U-Kiss’ ideal types?

On the 9th, U-KISS who has gained a lot of fame through their latest single “Man Man Ha Ni” held their 500th days since debut celebration as well as Kibum‘s birthday party with fans through GOM TV’s Fanmeeting Program ‘Only 4 You‘.

On that day, U-KISS members and the fans played an OX Quiz called “I Like You” to find out whether there is female idol that they like. 5 out of 7 members responded with an “O”.

Especially Dongho, who smiled shyly and revealed “IU nuna, I like you. You sing very well, so cute and lively.”

The other 4 members who raised an “O” are Kevin who revealed that he likes 2NE1’s Sandara Park, Kibum’s f(x) Sulli, Eli’s Rainbow’s Sae Kyung Eul, Soohyun’s f(x) Victoria. Soohyun added “Victoria’s nostril is very beautiful” which created a huge laughter at the fan meeting.

The event was held to celebrate U-KISS’s 500th day as well as Kibum’s birthday. A cake was brought out and tears were coming out from their eyes as they were reminiscing through the past 500 days.

Cr: Kim Dong Bang Kiss @ ALL KOREAN BOY BAND, facebook.

►►SS501’s KyuJong revealed, “I witnessed HyunJoong-YoungSaeng Kissing”

user posted image
user posted image

SS501 member Kim KyuJong exposed that he witnessed HyunJoong and main vocal YoungSaeng kissing.

In SBS ‘Intimate Note 2’ broadcasted on 11-Dec, boy group and girl group of the same management company, SS501 and KARA attended with each others’ company, showing their strong friendship since trainee days.

KyuJong said during the filming recently “Last year during YoungSaeng’s birthday, I witnessed the scene of him kissing the guy. Now I will share the story about him and that guy.” And he took HyunJoong to the front, shocking the rest of them.

It turned out that the 2 of them were playing ‘king game’ at a party and was caught in a forfeit where they had to kiss each other.

However, member JungMin revealed “There is a weak aura like this in the team. HyunJoong and YoungSaeng’s awkward aura” catching the attention.


►►YG releases apology for G-dragon’s controversal concert

This has really become srs bznz @_@

YG Entertainment has released their official statement on the case of G-Dragon’s controversial solo concert.

“We came in contact with an article that said the Korean Family Health Department requested that G-Dragon’s solo concert be examined in further detail for violating the child protection law and sexual promiscuity performance,” said YGE.

We should have considered the extreme impact popular culture can have on young adults. We are sincerely sorry for the controversy and have no intentions of putting the blame on other people or making excuses in order to refuse responsibility. YG will cooperate willingly with any investigations, and we accept all responsibility for the controversy.”

“Also, although this is a separate matter from the controversy, we would like to mention that for a lot of artists, a solo concert is a big dream as well as a big pressure for them. Usually on music programs, they perform a couple of songs, whereas in a solo concert, an artist must lead the audience for more than 2 hours by himself. We feel that artists feel pressured to show extreme performances in some cases due to the huge amount of expectation put on them.”

In the concert DVD, all controversial scenes that were deemed inappropriate will be excluded or edited. We apologize once again for the trouble caused, and will take extreme caution to avoid causing any sort of controversy similar to this in the future. Thank you.”

YG has officially apologized for the actions of the Big Bang leader, regardless of whether or not he did anything wrong. I’m sure fangirls are less upset over the dry humping than they are over the fact that the concert DVD will be edited to remove sexual fap material “inappropriate” scenes.

Cr: allkpop

►►Seo In Young and Park Jung Ah quit Jewelry!

Well then Jewelry might as well die too cause the two members left are just -blah-

Seo In Young and Park Jung Ah, the only two original members left in the 4 member group Jewelry, have decided that it was their time to leave the group.

Representatives from Star Empire Entertainment, Jewelry’s entertainment label, have stated that after the promotions of Jewelry’s repackaged 6th album “Love Story” are over, Seo In Young and Park Jung Ah will leave the group.

Park Jung Ah commented:

We have performed as Jewelry for almost 10 years and a lot has happened since that time. I am most proud of the fact that we made Jewelry into an icon. Although we are finishing, Jewelry is not and I will actively support the new Jewelry.”

Each of the women have decided to continue with their solo careers, which is probably a good choice considering the lack of a comeback Jewelry had and the fact that Seo In Young is doing great without the group with her digital single “Can’t I Love.”

The search for new members for Jewelry will begin with the new year.

Star Empire has been on the fritz lately with it’s lack of a budget plan for Child of Empire, V.O.S leaving the company and the arguable failed comeback from Jewelry. Just last year, “One More Time” dominated the charts which is far from what “Vari2ty” did. To go from the top of your game and comeback as the group that went by unnoticed has got to be hard.

Best wishes to Star Empire in the future and hopefully the new Jewelry will be as or more successful (and hopefully hotter) next time around.

Cr: allkpop

►►Top stars with haircut that netizens want their boyfriends to copy

Which stars’ haircuts do netizens want their boyfriends to have? Here’s the poll results found on Naver:

1. Ki Tae Yeong



►►Who worked it better? Wonder Girls vs. Mblaq!

Yesiree~ This time both groups are having a sponsored sweatshirts competition!

The lovely Wonder Girls (SunYe, YooBin, and SoHee) are all smiles and peace signs vs. The cool Mblaq guys (Thunder, G.O, and Mir) who are looking somewhat intimidating! LOL

►►Caught on Cam: U-Kiss members got chocolate abs!

Beneath their young image/looks, the U-Kiss guys sure do have something to show:


►►Brown Eyed Girls Narsha & Gain admit to having plastic surgery

I kinda knew this about Narsha but not GaIn and KARA’s Hara..

‘Magazine 1′ is about to expose the story behind girl group members change in appearance. MBC Every1 ‘Magazine 1′ program ‘Before And After’ section will soon expose the photos of some of Korea’s popular girl group members before they went for cosmetic surgery.

On that day’s program, they will be comparing Goo Hara’s (KARA) old and new look. Since young, Goo Hara had an appearance that stood out. But on the day before she debuted, the photo of her new look after the surgery was exposed. This really shocked the fans.

Brown Eyed Girls Narsha and Ga-in also boldly exposed the fact that they went for cosmetic surgery. Not long ago on one of the variety shows, Narsha said : “We debuted as ‘mysterious’ singers. It’s not because of looks which was ugly to the point that we dare not show it to people, but because after debuting, the members went for cosmetic surgery. We had to take an injection at the corner of the eye once a month. With this, we changed our appearance. Narsha also mentioned: “Little by little after we went for the surgery, we were invited to more programs, our fans also started to pay attention to us.”

Other girl group members who went for cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance will also be expose on the program.

Cr. BEG Chinese Forum
Translated by LuvGa-in @ BEG International Forum

►►SM Artists snatched away all major awards from Bugs Music

The online music site Bugs announced the results from their online music awards. They held a poll starting on the 27th of November and kept it going for 20 days. The results are based only on the online voting and in total, 110,000 votes were cast.

There were 8 awards in total, including “Song of the Year,” “Pop Song of the Year,” “Hip Hop Song of the Year,” “Indie Song of the Year,” “Best New Artist,” “Best Girl Group,” and more.

For the girl group category, SNSD, KARA, and f(x) were up against each other but SNSD won in the end.

The “Song of the Year” went to Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry and second place went to Gee. 2PM took third place with Again & Again. 2009 late comer, Kim Tae Woo grabbed fourth place with Love Rain.

“Best New Artist” went to a SM Entertainment rookie, f(x). Though SME artists didn’t win the hip hop, indie or other awards, they sure snatched the big three.

Cr: allkpop

No DBSK or SHINee though…

►►Big Bang to attend “Music Station SUPER LIVE” concert

Wow cool! Music Station is no joke in Japan. These boys must be really popular there now to be invited :-D

Big Bang’s appearance on “Music Station SUPER LIVE 2009″ on December 25th has been confirmed!

Music Station SUPER LIVE is the largest and most famous yearly event from Music Station. It’s a year-end celebration concert where 20 to 40 top artists from Japan are invited. Amongst many stars Big Bang who is currently having a lot of success and has recently debuted in Japan has already been invited to Japan’s biggest year-end show, and their appearance has been officially confirmed by YG Ent.

This is the first time Big Bang has attended this show and fans are really excited to see them. The show consists of performances by the artists invited and a small interview in which they’re asked how their current year was and what their plans for the years to come are.

This year-end concert will be held at Makuhari Messe Event hall, and it will open its doors to fans and artists at 5:30 pm, LIVE broadcasting will start from 7:00pm to 11:10pm on TV Asahi on Friday, December 25th.

Cr: alee@ibigbang wordpress

►►BEAST’s Cyworlds: JunHyung, Dongwoon, DooJoon update~12/11/09

I’ve decided I’m gonna post their Cyworld entries regularly from now on just like 2NE1’s Me2day :-D (take that as my love to my Beasts ;-)) + I find JunHyung’s entries really amusing XD


user posted image[


Kid*, Gang*, and Me

*T/N: GgoMa/Kid : YoSeob’s nickname; Gaeng/Gang : DooJoon’s nickname

user posted image

user posted image



►►[VID] Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry – Answer” MV released!

It’s alright to me…even though it’s nice to see them again on screen :-)

►►JYP rates the Wonder Girls, 2PM, and 2AM

2PM should be 10 points out of 10! lol

Park Jin Young (JYP) has been stealing the spotlight from others in the month of December with his comeback. He recorded an episode of Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate today and shared some information about his artistes. One of his artistes, 2PM, was also present at this Christmas special episode recording.

Kim Jung Eun asked what kind of a teacher he is to 2PM and Wonder Girls and he said:

“They treat me however they want. Wonder Girls hit me a lot. I had to talk to Taecyeon once so I called him over and then I forgot what I was gonna say. He just got up and said, ‘Tell me when you remember’ and left! They’re always like that. When I get serious, then they listen. But in reality, they are not very nice.

Park Jin Young also went on to rate his stars: “Wonder Girls are about 8 points out of 10. Their flaws have improved. It’s been 3 years since they’ve debuted and their live stages, dancing, and singing has improved. They’re not as good as Rain or Kim Tae Woo but they’ve grown a lot. For 2PM and 2AM, 7 points. It hasn’t been long since they’ve debuted. They have so much more to accomplish. They don’t do as well on stage than they do during rehearsals.”

This episode will air on the 19th.

Cr: allkpop

►►BEAST is next to have Number 1 Album sales

Beast to be the next generation idols to have their album be on the top of the chart.

Offline sale charts say that Beast (Yoon Doo Joon, Son Dong Woon, Jung Hyun Seung, Yong Jun Hyung, Yang Yo Seon, and Lee Ki Kwang.) debut album Beast Is The B2ST, became highly ranked only a few days later. After a month Beast popularity has really grown.

Beast’s senior idols which include SS501 and 2pm are amazed. After debuting in October(10~20) they gained a lot of popularity from the female fans. Beast is become the next generation idols.

Beast debut album Beast Is The B2ST has now sold apporximatley 20,000 copies. Some are 5 copies per shipping so its difficult to have a secure quanity. Officals say the rookies have a very strong offline music market.

CREDITS: Newsen (SOURCE)Dooseop-sharing + xmyheart @ B2ST Rising (TRANS)

►►Koyote’s BaekGa diagnosed with Brain Tumor :(

OMG that’s so sad :-( but it’s curable, guys! Let’s keep praying for him D:

The evil curse of 2009 strikes yet again with only a few weeks left ’till the new year as Koyote’s rapper BaekGa (Baek Sung Hyun) has been diagnosed with a brain tumor after receiving a standard MRI scan. He was involved in a small car accident and was feeling dizzy, so the doctors recommended an MRI Scan and found the tumor.

On the 9th, BaekGa revealed this unfortunate news via his mini-homepage and thanked those who were supporting him. However, he also revealed some of the personal things he went through when he and his family found out as he wrote, “Maybe it’s because I hated to see the men I love crying around me, but I cursed and yet you all still ignored me and continued to cry. I then went into a bathroom stall and locked myself and as I covered my mouth with my scarf, tears began to pour out like crazy,” he continued, “After crying for a while I came out and as I looked in the mirror a laugh came out. My heart hurt so much but I felt so good. My older and younger brother had dashed over here and spent the whole night up and that made me laugh with gratitude.”

He then sent a personal thanks to his brothers as he said, “I feel grateful that I have someone by my side, which is why I’ve decided to stay strong. Even without saying it I’m sure you know that I’m very thankful. I truly thank you.”

This is quite the downer especially after news about his fellow Koyote member being discharged have been revealed. BaekGa and Shin Ji had been holding down the fort for the past two years as Kim Jong Min served his military duties. Koyote is well known for its members coming and going but BaekGa has been the longest running rapper in the group and hopefully he can stay even longer. Hope things turns around for BaekGa, and wish him luck in his treatment process.

Cr: allkpop

►►2NE1’s Me2day: Dara updates~ 12/10/09

Bommie’s stealing from Dara’s bag? lol

Dara: 춘여사! 가방에서뭘 또 그리 뒤지고있나? 또 건강식품?ㅋ

The dancing girl! What are you searching for in my bag? Healthy food again?ㅋ


►►Goo Hye Sun revealed to Taiwan audience, “Alcohol is my friend”

I really don’t know if she’s joking or not but I don’t think this is a good thing (?) haha but Lee Min Ho knows..

Goo Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho went to Taiwan to promote Boys Over Flower for 3 nights and 4 days. A fact about Goo Hye Sun liking her drinks shocked the audience.

On the 3rd day at the Taiwan Press Conference for Boys Over Flower, Lee Min Ho divulged that, “Goo Hye Sun likes to eat. She likes to drink even more”, making Goo Hye Sun embarrassed and flustered.

Following, Goo Hye Sun spoke in Chinese, “Alcohol is my friend”, making the entire room burst out in uncontrolled laughter. Goo Hye Sun says, “I used to learn Chinese language as a child. While visiting Taiwan, I learn to love the Chinese language even more. When I return home, I plan to re-learn Chinese.” Fans were excited and entusiastic about what Goo Hye Sun said.

Lee Min Ho and Goo Hye Sun also had breakfast on the 3rd with 10 fan members. After having some dim sum for lunch, they left for the airport. About 500 people crowded the airport to bid farewell to these two stars that they barely made it to the plane en route for Korea.

Cr: + translated by susAmerica@soompi

►►Rookie Watch: New pictures of F.Cuz released

They look so much without all the heavy make-up and weird black-and-white photoshoot ;-)

After revealing the new boy band F.Cuz, we brought you each of the member’s pictures and videos one by one, finally ending it off with leader Jinon yesterday.

Today, a new set of F.Cuz’s pictures has been revealed! If you have seen the previous pictures, you would notice that you couldn’t see some of the member’s faces clearly because of their smokey makeup. Looking at these pictures released today, you can get better look on their faces.

YeJun (17)


►►G-Dragon is being investigated for violating the Youth Protection Act


G-Dragon Concert has got a severe media criticism in containing explicit content like sex, crime, and violence which is not suitable for the preteens.

The writer stated that the promoter, the organizer and the artist should be aware of it at the very first place. The show has also raised a great concern of parents in viewing it and that the promoter couldn’t care less about what they do. The writer referred the show to the Elvis Presley’s one which also share the same degree of seductive live show. The writer summed up that it was a dark side of the disgraceful pop culture these days.

The Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs prosecutors requested G-Dragon in criminal investigation for violating the Youth Protection Act (Section 17 – Teen Theater). The Ministry representative stated that the legal consequence was inevitable due to the public obscene performances specified in these particular songs; “Breathe,” “She’s Gone” and “Korean Dream.”

The punishment for the violation of this act is at most a 3 years imprisonment and/or a fine less than ₩ 20,000,000.

Source: yonhap news & korea times
Translations: team big bang on facebook

►►[Interview] Super Junior, “Our dreaming stage is always here at Golden Disk”

aww Kangin…

Super Junior did a short interview after the Golden Disk Awards 2009, which took place on December 10th. The boys won 3 awards total: Disk Daesang, Disk BonSang, and YEPP SamSung Popularity.

- Your feeling now ?

“When our name was called, the members who couldnt be here (Kangin & Kibum) and our parents are the very first things that came acorss my mind. Also, the period time since when we were still trainess, formed a group and all the activities until now went through my mind like a flash”

- You dont have any hit song before “Sorry sorry” ?

“We ourselves also know the fact that our weakness is although we’re famous, we didnt have any representative song. But this year “Sorry sorry” has become our hit song, after receiving the daesang award at Golden disk, it seems that all our complex have gone away. When we were young and dreamed to be singer, our dreaming stage is always here at Golden disk, now we got the best place in this stage/place, we couldnt believe it”

- But there are also many bad things.

“This year although we’re very happy with but at the same time there are many bad incidents. Just before this, I had a phone call with Kangin. He was about to cry and said ‘I miss you’, and after the call ended, I got a text from him said ‘Hyung, I’m sorry’. Although he himself had done something wrong but I still feel sad that I cant share the happiness with the member who had shared the hardship with me since we were young. Kangin really wanted to stand on this stage. From now on he wont be self-satisfied and be responsible with his life to deserve the love from all the fans”

- Did you have any good dream last night ?

“This moment seems like we’re dreaming the happiest dream. Actullay, we couldnt sleep on all the days we prepared the performance for Golden disk. But today we’re very happy so we might have good dream tonight”

- Today’s after-party.

“Of course there will be an after-party. We want to thank the unknown staffs that worked hard because of us. And we wont drink too much because we will have to leave tomorrow for a concert in China”

Source: Original article here
Translated by:

►►091210- Golden Disk Awards 2009 performances

Super Junior, SHINee, SNSD – Michael Jackson Tribute (Beat It & Bad)

2PM – Intro / Heartbeat / Again & Again


►►Golden Disk Awards 2009 Winners/ Nominees list + photos!

I’m kinda disappointed 2NE1 did not win the Digital BonSang Award…their mini-album was truly one of the best if not the best this year :-(


Winner: Super Junior


►►Super Junior’s Cyworlds: Donghae & Eunhyuk update with Super Show photos

Donghae’s Cyworld Photo Entry, 091207

ㅋㅋㅋ…Don’t make me so timid~~ㅜㅠㅜㅠ

We’re all good~!!ㅜㅠㅜㅠ

These are all wonderful memories!!

(Our) adorable blue angels gave us this love where can the memories be bad!!^^

The gifts for me the members will play with it like this but it’s all the same!!ㅋㅋㅋ

Don’t be timid!!Being like that I will cry!!~~ㅋㅋㅋ

From-Thai Super show 2

Eunhyuk’s Cyworld Photo Entry, 091207

Who is it…
The person who took my anchovy…
My reputation (is now a) fly…
Indeed (I’m going) to receive my costume(.) The person who took my anchovy…
If you didn’t boil (it) with soy-bean paste stew it must be good…

Until they make/manufacture another anchovy(,)*되잖아…..ㅜㅜ

Note: Quick explanation: the boys wore animal character hats during one of their encore songs, ‘Carnival’. Hyuk had an Anchovy hat, but he lost it in the crowd during the first night of the Bangkok SS2 and it apparently was never returned. So on the second night (and most likely Super Shows to follow unless he finds a replacement) he’s stuck with a fly that that they used for the Puff The Magic Dragon performance. LOLZ.

Sources: Donghae entry translated by viragis@SJ-World, Eunhyuk entry translated by julzzzz@SJ-World

►►Jung Yong Hwa, “I did a lot of research by watching Hyun Joong in ‘Boys Before Flowers’”

Am I the only one who thinks Yong Hwa did a better job (for the most part at least) at acting out the ‘perfect guy’ character in “You’re Beautiful” as opposed to Kim Hyun Joong in “BOF”?
20 years old Jung Yong Hwa received 3 invitation calls at the same time. This was because Jung Yong Hwa captured the hearts of many female fans in the recent broadcast Korean TV drama ‘You’re Beautiful’ where he acted as a gentle smiling angel, Kang Shin Woo.

He was also selected as the new host in the new series of ‘Sunday Sunday Night’. Comparing to the three years effort to prepare the band which their album will be released in January next year, Jung Yong Hwa expressed: “I feel good in Year 2009.”

With the height of 180cm, Kang Shin Woo showed concern and took care of Go Mi Nam (who disguised herself as a man and joined in the band). He was just like an guardian angel. Because of one towel and one glass of milk, he was given the nickname as ‘Towel Guy’ and ‘Milk Guy’.

Jung Yong Hwa said: “Actually I do alot of research and studies after watching Hyeong Kim Hyun Joong (Brother Kim Hyun Joong) in ‘Boys Before Flowers’. The writers told me not to be too mushy and corrected me alot. It’s a band’s story, therefore it’s good that I know how to play the guitar.”

Jung Yong Hwa was very fond of music when he was in high school. At the same time, they found a planning agency. 4 twenty-year-old boys form the band name ‘CN Blue’. They held promotional activities in Japan before their album debut. Their company mentioned that they have to taste some bitterness (take the hardships) if they want to make music. According to their company instructions, CN Blue began their street performances in Tokyo in May this year.

“Obviously we do not know how to speak Japanese, we had ever been arrested by the police when we performed on the streets. Recently the band’s popularity increased because of the drama. Right now we have been invited to the Rock Music Festival.” said Jung Yong Hwa.

Cr: Daily K Pop News
Source: IsPlus


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