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Archive for September 30, 2009

►►The girl who made racist remarks to WG YeEun is an imposter?

Anti-fans should just die and leave innocent people alone >:-(

It has been reported previous about a Twitter fight between Yenny (Ye Eun of the Wonder Girls) and a Twitter user under the name @jen_shwa.

Well, it turns out that @jen_shwa was an imposter who had set up an account to defame Jennifer Choi (@Jenshwa), going as far as copying her profile picture and biographic information.

As you can imagine, the fight created major backlash against @jen_shwa, but sadly, the real Jennifer (@Jenshwa), had also been battered with hate comments and constant harassment. Angry fans had even contacted Jennifer’s workplace with complaints. We would like to ask all of our readers to refrain from posting hateful remarks against Jennifer Choi (@Jenshwa), and spread the word, as she is only an innocent victim.

We hope this clears Jennifer’s good name and hopefully Twitter will release the details of the malicious imposter.

Cr: allkpop + shared by kpoprants@wp

►►SHINee goods: Oddugi CF + more CLRIDE.n photos w/ Kim So Eun

Daily dose of goodness imported straight from the SHINee World ♥



►►Rookie watch: new girl groups ‘Top.AZ’ and ‘JQT’

Oh the joy of new girl groups…=.=;

1) Top.AZ (pronounced topaz, like the crystal) 3 teasers in one
~ Members :
Kim Bom (김봄) – 1st teaser
Kim Sun Young (김선영) – 2nd teaser
Park Hong Ju (박홍주) – 3rd teaser

2) JQT - the J is the letter that is in all four girls’ names, the Q and T stand for QUALITY and QUARTET.

Their teaser can be found here


►►Kim Hyun Joong is working hard to attend SS501 concert in Taiwan

I don’t think this is the greatest idea after he has been put through so much already..hope he’ll be alright =.=;

Starting from next month, SS501 Asia Tour Concert will officially begin. Kim Hyun Joon will return back to his team and bring wonderful performance to Taiwan.

On 17 October, Kim Hyun Joong and SS501 will return to Taiwan and hold their Asia Tour Concert at Taipei Arena. Actually, recently Kim Hyun Joong has already gradually started to work on the 2nd album and also involve in preparation for a series of public performances.

Related personnel mentioned: “Actually Hyun Joong himself is very tense with his work and the Asia Tour Concert after his full recovery. While busy with the final preparation for the 2nd album, he also take time to recuperate to handle the coming Asia Tour. Of course, the 1st task is the 1st Taiwan Concert.

This year July, SS501 successfully invaded Taiwan and hold their 1st Fan Meeting. Currently they are preparing for a brand new concert content to return to Taiwan and meet with everybody next month. Five day before the official online ticket sales, the October concert ticket had already hit an 80% sales, from this it showed their popularity in Taiwan. Once the official online sales started, it is even more difficult to get a ticket.


►►SNSD’s Sunny became…2NE1′s ‘Sandara Sun’?

LOL 2-in-1! just like what shampoo bottles say :-)

SNSD member Sunny gave a surprise transformation as 2NE1 member Sandara Park.

This was featured during KBS Joy ‘SNSD’s Hello Baby’ aired on 29th September, where the SNSD members did a mini sports concert.

The MC of the day was SooYoung, and the teams are ‘DoriDori’ (Tiffany, HyoYeon, TaeYeon) and ‘Ah~jja’ (YoonA, Yuri, Sunny). They did many sports contest from mini basketball to mini bowling to cockfight to tug-of-war.

And member Sunny decided to do the hairstyle and choreography of Sandara Park for 2NE1’s ‘Fire’ during the girls’ cockfight. Member YoonA said, “Didn’t you prepare to do Sandara Park’s imitation on the show?”

Meanwhile, DoriDori team the mini sports contest for this episode.

Cr: sookyeong + shared by kpoprants@wp

►►Top Korean celebs netizens want to take back to their hometown

…for a visit. I so agree with the #1 choice since she seems like a sweet and down-to-earth girl ^^

SNSD’s Taeyeon is the number one idol people want to visit their hometown with for Chuseok [a three-day Korean holiday].

Music site Monkey3 ( put up a questionnaire from the 24th to the 28th and 1,235 members of the site participated in it. The questionnaire was titled ‘The Idol You Want to Visit Your Hometown With’, and Taeyeon won by a landslide, with 45% (550) of the votes.
Participants explained why they chose Taeyeon, saying, “Just being next to the cute and lively Taeyeon makes me feel better,” “As expected of a DJ, she is witty and clever at talking, so I think she would be good company on the boring trip back to my hometown.”

see who else made the list!

►►4Minute bake a cake to say “thanks”

I love them in their modern-traditional dresses!!! These girls make me smile ^^

4Minute debuted under Cube Entertainment this year in June, and 3 months later, they stood on a prize-receiving stage. With sincerity and grattitude, these 5 girls made a cake to say “thanks” to those who have supported them along the way.

29th September, Star Wide News and Entertainment Haha Song(?) revealed the cube cake (as in a cake in the shape of a cube. See the pun?) 4Minute made. Staffs of the programmes directly complimented the girls through radio.

On 27th September, 4Minute received their first trophy on SBS Inkigayo. Muzik became the most popular song.


►►Wonder Girls enjoying the American dream [PICs - Part1]

Let’s take a sneak peek into the girls’ life in New York City! From adorable Sunmi sleeping to leader SunYe getting a coffee break…life is sweet as of now ^^


►►Wonder Girl SunYe speaks up for Jaebum!

Such a heartfelt letter to Jaebum T.T

We spent our trainee days together and that when we read about the news online we all said “Everything will be okay”. Everyone has their difficult times and that as time passes, there will be a day he will be happy again. He just needs to live how he always has with patience and with confidence. Also, through this incident, Jay also learned how much his fans love him. We believe that just being thankful for that love and preparing for the future, he will get better soon.

Cr: sunmikiwangjang for translations via lamia@soompi+ shared by kpoprants@wp


►►New releases: 09/30

This time I also include Brown Eyed Girls’ Interview with allkpop in New York City & lots of teasers^^

MVs: Pastel Blue feat. Jin Ju’s “Boss Disease” + Goon’s “I’m Superman”

Teasers: Zin Taehwa’s “Fallen Angel” + Lady Collection’s “Watch Secretly” + Ivy’s “ing D-30 1st Story” + MC Mong’s “Horror Show” + 2AM JoKwon & Whale’s “Dunk Shoot”

Song: SNSD’s “Motion” (Heading to the Ground OST)

Live perf: Navi singing Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance”!

Interview: Brown Eyed Girls & Allkpop @ Circle Nightclub

Funny Clip of the Day: Super Junior taking English lessons!


►►Go crazy with SNSD’s SamYang Ramen CFs [VIDs]

Basically all of them are kinda similar except the ending has 3 different girls in it each time.

YoonA, Seohyun, Sunny:

Tiffany, Yuri, Hyoyeon:


►►Super Junior Donghae fell in love with a Thai model?!

And her name’s Pancake…sounds sweet doesn’t it? but I bet fans won’t think so =.=;

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

Over the weekend, Super Junior members, Donghae, Siwon, Shindong, Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, and Sungmin visited Thailand to meet with fans and Thai super model, Pancake. While on the short trip, Donghae tells a Thai interviewer details about his encounter with Pancake and how he fell in love with her.

There is no need for fans to worry about Donghae’s confession just yet. During a press conference for, “12 Plus Mircale BB Powder” he gave the interviewer details about the concept for the CF with Thai super model, Pancake. Yes, her name is really Pancake. In the CF, Donghae falls in love with her charm after she used the powder. He also tempts fans by mentioning that if they want him to fall in love with them, then they will have to use the powder.

Donghae along with Siwon was at Zen department store in Bangkok,Thailand for the press conference of their upcoming CF for the Thai cosmetic brand, 12 Plus; while other members of Super Junior were at Siam Discovery promoting the new, “Mircale BB Powder” and playing games with 1,500 lucky fans.

Donghae & Siwon’s Interview:

Interviewer: SiwonShi , how many times you have been to Thailand?
Siwon: This is my 9th time already , but even if we came that often, the fans still gave us very warm welcome every time. I already think that Thailand is my 2nd home.

Interviewer: DonghaeShi , This is your 2nd time filming in Thailand , How do you feel? Have you seen the previous CF yet?

►►Who are the most overated singer/composer in Korea?

Group Big Bang’s leader GDragon has been voted #1 by netizens as the ‘Overrated singer songwriter’.
Community site DCInside did a poll on the question “Which singer songwrite do you think is overrated?” from 22nd to 29th September. And GDragon was given 8133 (52.6%) votes out of 15,467 votes, coming in at #1.
GDragon has been writing many songs since he was in Big Bang like ‘Lies’, ‘Last Farewell’ etc. But he was under plagiarism accusations with the release of his solo debut song ‘Heartbreaker’ released last month. And that was why he was voted in #1 on the survey.

Coming in at #2 is singer producer Park Jin Young with 1049 votes (6.8%). Park Jin Young has written many hits like ‘Don’t Leave Me’, ‘Behind you’, ‘That girl is pretty’ and ‘Honey’ etc. He always promised new and fresh music every time, but he has been under accusations of plagiarism several times as well.
At #3 is singer Lee MinWoo with 1007 votes (6.5%). He has been writing lyrics since his time in ShinHwa. After that he wrote the lyrics for several hits like Jewelry’s ‘Super Star’ and ‘One More Time’ and V.O.S ‘Beautiful Life’. And subsequently for his solo album there were songs which were written by him but as compared to his lyrics-writing capabilities, there was not much acknowledgement given to his song-writing skills.

The rest of the survey results:

Image Hosted by
2.Park Jin Young


►►Jaebum & JYP meet in Seattle on the 30th

A bittersweet reunion, I imagine…

Park Jin Young left Korea & went to Seattle to meet Jaebum on the 30th, korean time.
A source residing in Seattle has confirmed the dinner meeting between Jaebum, JYP and his family.

People from JYPE have said through a phone call to Newsen that “Before JYP goes to NY, JYP will stop by in Seattle”, they said “After having dinner with Jaybum & his family JYP will go right to NY. What those two people will talk about, we do not know exactly.”

[Omitted unimportant info]

On the other hand JYPE said that “nothing has been confirmed” about 2PM activities as a 6-member group.

Cr: newsen + trans by JIHYE @ 2OneDday + shared by kpoprants@wp

►►Jaejoong & Yoochun broke DBSK’s record of the ‘highest number of 1st CD shipments’

A marvelous figure was recorded! First shipment is worth about 180,000 copies of CDs.

“The Highest Ever!” in the history of TVXQ’s CDs’ first shipments!!

The first unit formed by TVXQ is really sensational!!

The number of total downloads for the ringtone and full ringtone, etc.
which began a step earlier than the CD release in the beginning of September,
has already exceeded 250,000 downloads.
The number of the shipments of the CD reached 180,000 copies on the 29th of September 2009!


►►Which celebs…changed the most after famous?/ are most arrogant?/ etc.

Possibly the most controversial entertainment-related poll of 2009. SBS’s morning talk show “Good Morning” (좋은 아침) did a poll with 50 reporters specializing in the entertainment industry, with questions such as “Who is the most arrogant celebrity?” and “Who says the darndest things?” The episode was aired on the morning of September 27th. For those that are interested, and I know some of you are, here are the results:

Who changed the most after becoming famous?

1. Lee Min Ho
2. Son Dam Bi
3. Lee Jun Ki

Who says the Darndest things?
1. Park Myung Soo (Infinite Challenge)
2. Kim Gu Ra (Various variety shows such as Radio Star)
3. Eugene (ex-SES)


►►The new 6-member 2PM still are unconfirmed on ‘what’s next’

Poor guys…this whole thing happened so unexpectedly on their height to fame and they were happy and all >.<

With news going out that 2PM will perform as 6 members for Dream Concert this year, after leader member JaeBum left the group on 8th September, there are some who are curious when they will come up with a new album, and also their schedule after Dream Concert.

2PM will perform for the first time as 6 members after JaeBum left the group and JYP Entertainment announced that the group will promote as 6 members on 10th October for Dream Concert.

A JYP representative said, “For now, we have to continue with Dream Concert because we have confirmed the group’s appearance along time back. But for the group’s following schedule, we have no confirmed plans yet.

Also, before JaeBum withdrew from the group, there were plans for the group to come up with a new album either early or mid October, the JYP representative said, “We have not decided on the album release date. Even though we have decided that the group will promote as 6 members, it has just been decided for not long ago, we are having a headache now over when the album should come out.

Cr: sookyeong + shared by kpoprants@wp

►►Kim Bum arrived at floody Philippines…so shoot a CF

The show must go on no matter how much flood has afftected the Philippines…I’m hoping he will help raise awareness of this terrible situation over there and try to get donations or something ^^

Korean actor Kim Bum or Yi Jeong of Boys Over Flowers as he is popularly known has just arrived in Manila this afternoon. The model/actor is currently in the country to shoot a commercial for soft drink brand RC Cola with actress Maja Salvador. Keep on visiting for updates on his visit and join for details on how to be part of Kim Bum’s meet and greet event in ABS-CBN.

Cr: ABS-CBN via omona + shared by kpoprants@wp

►►Epik High’s Tablo talks about his wife, his unborn child, and his college life

He’s such a dedicated dad and husband! Hope this relationship will last longer than most other ^^

Epik High Tablo talks truthfully about his feelings when he knew about his to-be-wife Kang Hye Jung’s pregnancy.

Tablo was on MBC ‘Golden Fishery – MooReupPa’ aired on 30th September when he said, “I was the first to know about Kang HyeJung’s pregnancy and we met and talked. As compared to being excited, I was shocked. But I gave my congratulations to HyeJung right away.
He added, “The first thoughts that came to me was “I have so many things I still don’t know”. I should learn driving. And I need to pay a visit to the bank, did I put aside some money? And I need to learn some financial technology.. There were so many thoughts in my head.”
He said, “I didn’t know I will get married with Kang HyeJung so fast. When I know that she was with a child, I thought, ‘Alright we have a baby now. HyeJung and I made a baby’. I want to be with the one I love my whole life.

“For HyeJung, I can give up my dream”

“I will become a man who can do everything for this woman. My dream is that we will have a happy family. Even though music is my dream too, there is only one way to fulfil this dream. I can compromise with the reality. I want to work down the happy lane with Kang HyeJung. If I need to compromise, I will. I want to be a good father and husband and I’m thankful of that.”


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