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►►Fashion Watch: Goo Hye Sun for SOUP & Han Hyo Joo for Samsung

My two beautiful actresses are at it again! I love these two~ ♥



►►Rookie Watch: B2ST’s poster, preview MV, and member’s Cy entry

B2ST -Pronounced ‘Best’- (Boys to Search for Top – 보이즈 투 서치 포 탑) will be showing their journey on MTV Star Documentary Reality. The airring date will be this coming Sunday at 3:00 ~ 3:30PM Korean Time.
Look forward for their debut on September 9th.


►►Choi Ji Woo goes on Star Hall of Fame

Hurray! She really deserves this!

Actress Choi Ji Woo (Winter Sonata, Stairway to Heaven), one of the figureheads of the Korean Wave (Hallyu), will be honored by the Star Hall of Fame at the 2009 Seoul Drama Awards hosted by the Korean Broadcasters Association.

The awards committee on Wednesday said in a showcase scheduled from Sept. 4 to 13 at the Gwanghwamun Square in downtown Seoul, a special exhibition about Choi will be on display in the Star Hall of Fame booth.

The Star Hall of Fame was established in 2008.

The award ceremony will take place at the Olympic Park in southeastern Seoul on Sept. 11.

Cr: omonathedidnt

►►Memories the shouldn’t keep [SNSD's SeoHyun edition]

LOL it’s been long since I’ve done one these series…

but SeoHyun really forget these memories [under cut]


►►Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo’s first public event as a couple

The beauty and the handsome eh?

Top star couple Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo will be in Yokohama, Japan on the 26th of September for the promotion of their drama, “Worlds Within”.

The two have revealed their relationship to the world and will be attending this event as a couple and coworkers! It is definitely bringing so much attention to them from their fans!

They have been in a relationship starting this June after they have met through working in the drama together.

Song has recently been in China for a apparel brand commercial shoot and has returned on the 19th!

Cr: newsen + hancinema

►►Oh boi.. EunHyuk, DongHae, and Siwon took of their shirts~

on Dong Hae’s Cyworld!

LOL for now he’s teasing fans on his Cyworld with this half-naked pic…let’s stay tuned and see what would be there when he reveals the rest keke

2009.08.22 03:27 [in the Haru folder]

Eunhyuk Donghae Siwon . . .

The members went to the east sea on our own.

Spent a very enjoyable time the feeling was very good.

Initially I wanted to upload the original photo . . .

I’ll do that some other time . . . hehehe

Please look forward till the next time I upload photos . . . . hehehe

another member next time ? ? ke ke ke


plus another pic he posted~ havin fun on the beach!

Cr: donghae’s cy + sapphirepearl + omonatheydidnt

►►4Minute’s new fan club name is 58% gonna be 4NIA

So the voting has started and the name ’4Nia’ , a combination of for and mania [For (our) mania : 4minute], has gotten 58%. Therefore unless something goes wrong, 4Minute’s fan club will be 4NIA.

Cr: Meeli@soompi

►►Wonder Girls & 2PM wearing fan tees ^^

Endorsing themselves LOL


►►SHINee Reebok Wallpapers







►►Who’s this little cutie?

Take a guess, answer will be revealed tomorrow ^^


-I’m one of the top actors in Korea right now

-I’m part of the Hallyu wave already (meaning I’m not a young actor like Kim Bum or something lol)

-I just stared in a movie with a Ninja role ;-)

►►Goo Hye Sun’s official YG pics…for upcoming album?

I know it’s related to her singing career but I’m not sure if it’s for her next album or not…

but they are official (see the YG Logos ;-))



►►Taecyeon is…on FIRE??!

Doesn’t it seems so? actually it was for his perf at 2PM’s fanmeeting previously…pretty scary tho


more pics undercut ^^


►►Stalker pic: Xiah Junsu in public internet cafe

LOL unbelievable…but why would netizens stalk random people and post it up?

Cr: as tagged + 핑크팬티@dreamwiz

►►See which Korean artists are rockin’ this braided bang style

Lauren Conrad is rockin this beautiful braided bang hairstyle..but see which of our favorite girl group members are rockin it too!

In order: Tiffany, Dara, SoYeon, YoonA, Jessica, and Chae Yeon (?)


►►Pieces of the Past: SNSD’s Yoona in elementary school

LOL gym shorts and the school’s uniform ^^

she looks the same!

►►Actress Lee Da Hae on tropical vacation~

with friends, bikini, juice, and all lol

such a relaxing life she has right now…I wanna go on a vacation too!!! >.<


►►Hot or Not? CL vs. Lee Hyori

There’s a line drawn between Hot and Skanky.

With both of these hot females not afraid to show of their cleavage on stage, who’s standing on the hot line and who just missed it by a bit?



►►YG speaks up for Minzy’s Carebear pants + the real reason why it’s sensored

I just realized it’s not the Carebears that they were talking about, it’s the lil thang that’s hanging out from the Carebear’s bottom!

YG Entertainment said , “We thought it was just an innocent Carebear.

We had no idea that it was that type of image, we only realized it after the captures went up on the internet and we regret it.

Moving on, we will make sure to be more careful of the clothes that wear.”


Cr: 21evo


►►2NE1 joins the ranks of Amy Winehouse, Gwen Stefani, and Lady Gaga

For what? fashion!

They’ve been mentioned on Nylon magazine for being trendsetters ^^

Translations: ” …and idol group 2ne1 also have punk hair style and clothing in 2009. They show us something different that we havent seen before..”

Cr: Nylon Korea + 21evo

►►Kim Hyun Joong’s mother talk about his childhood

From 0 months to present: the journey filled with accomplishments and obstacles of this ultra popular actor/model/singer.

Since this article is pretty long, I’m gonna highlight the key points for you guys…if you’re interested from reading that, read the whole thing! ^^ (since Triple S color is green, I’ll do just that!)

0-4 yrs old, as long as Hyun Joong was lost in the park, it must because he ran to the singer performance stage.

Since Hyun Joong was born, he was very popular among the neighbors because of his big eyes, sharp intuition and cleverness.

One day, in my dream, all in a sudden, I dream of a truck fully loaded with radish driving passed me. There was a huge radish which was of the size of the truck. Withing my apron on, I ran after the truck, trying to catch the big radish. The radish rolled into my apron and I fell down onto the floor. This was the largest radish I had ever seen in my entire life. I was very surprised. Just when I tried to lift up the radish to take a look, I woke up from my dream. I felt very strange: “Is this a sign that I am pregnant?” Therefore, I went to the hospital for checkup. The doctor told me: “Congratulations!”. Indeed, I was pregnant!

Hyun Joong started to walk when he was 9 month old. Before this, although he can sit alone, he couldn’t climb, the family members were worried that he might be slow to learn walking. However, he omitted the climbing stage and advance to the walking stage. All the family members were shocked.

During his 1 year old birthday, he would offered his birthday steam rice cake for the guest to eat. During the Toljabee* event, in order to let him choose the pencil and book, the family members purposely placed both the items right infront of him, instead, he chose the brush which was placed beside those items. Hyun Joong started speaking and counting very fast, but he was most interested to sing, dance, and play games.
(*Note: Toljabee event is used to predict the child future. In this case, Hyun Joong picked the brush which symbolize that he will become a scholar)


►►Fashion Watch: 2PM + SNSD, TOP, Han Hyo Joo

2PM and SNSD for Elite = Beauty and the Beasts? LMAO

More Big Bang’s TOP for Elle & Han Hyo Joo for Vogue



►►2PM’s Junsu left a message on G-Dragon’s Cyworld

okay first look and I’m like, GD Cyworld is much for simple than I expected! but I’m lovin the page-turning apple haha

LOL @ Junsu’s ID “thug-life”

Cr: elavip @soompi

TRANSLATED: Happy Late Birthday bruh (bro) ^^ (thx to Stella Stable@2onday)

►►8-21: New Releases

Includes F2 Hyun Joong + Min Ho, After School, Sunnyside, Jewelry, CN Blue (the 2nd FT Island), Wonder Girls, and a special clip with 2AM’s JoKwon (you know it’s gonna be funny!)


CFs: F2 + UEE “Magic Hole CFs” (3 versions)

Preview: Jewelry’s “Vari2ty”

Song: After School feat. Sunnyside’s “Half” (Tempted Again OST)

Live perf: CN Blue’s “Now or Never Live”+ Wonder Girl Sunmi teaches Nobody dance

Funny clip of the day: JoKwon speaking English with Sue Son (electric violinist from Britain’s Got Talent)


►►FT Island: Seunghyun’s birthday ad + Jaejin likes to talk about girl groups

and he better not cheat on me while doing that!!! >.<

but first, here’s the ad:

“A very happy 18th birthday to FT Island’s rapper and guitarist, Song Seunghyun, the one who always looks good whenever he’s putting in his efforts”

Members of FT Island disclosed secrets about one another.

In a recent recording for KBS 2TVStar Golden Bell“, it was revealed that members, Choi MinhwanLee Jaejin, were the most different on and off stage.

When asked by MC Kim Jedong, “Which member is the most different on and off stage,” Choi Jonghoon revealed, “Choi Minhwan and Lee Jaejin are both shy but they talked the most about girl groups off stage.


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