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►►Who’s this pretty girl? [REVEALED]





►►Kyuhyun proves that even cool stars play online games

Taken from his Cyworld:

The meeting of the Aces…. (# 보금자리。)
Written on 2009.08.10 at 00:34 AM

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Heenim who recently got addicted to Starcraft….

Suju’s Terran Ace Heenim….

But due to lack of concentration if he plays a game for more than 10 minutes
Heenim doesn’t want to play the game anymore…..

I’m getting him to fall for Star Craft’s charm more and more….


* Ace and Star Craft written in English.
** Just a laughing sound.


Cr: La’MISS:fairy @ sj-world [trans]

►►DNT + e.via on Super Junior’s “Kiss The Radio”

Just a few pics proving they still exist~ 흐흐


►►One Day on “Dream” Radio ^^

More specifically, 2PM’s Taecyeon + Wooyoung and 2AM’s Seulong + Changmin ^^



►►Who worked it better? BEG Narsha vs. 2NE1 Dara

Same studded belt, different feel?

2NE1’s Dara for the June 21 Inkigayo performance of “Fire”:


Brown Eyed Girl Narsha for August 9 Inkigayo performance of”Abracadabra”:


►►Camwhore marathon winners: Super Junior

LOL if there was such award, I think Suju would win. I mean it makes sense since there are like 13 of them and all haha

anywhoo~ wishdreamx3 @ LJ found a whole bunch of them so I wanna share them too ^^

camwhores sujumain

sorry sorry ~ image heavy ;-)


►►2NE1 meets and greets Sean’s lil ones ^^

Sean [the second member of the duo JinuSean]‘s recent Cyworld entries are filled with cuteness- both from 2NE1 and the kids!

하음이와 밤봄 – HaEum and PamBom
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하음이도 좋아하고 봄이도 좋아하고^^
HaEum likes it too, Park Bom likes it too^^


►►G-Dragon’s solo song preview is out!

G-D just updated his Me2Day about 4 hours ago and here’s a little somethin somethin he put on ^^

►►”Take Care of My Lady” drama teaser

For those who have been craving Yoon Eun Hye ;-)


►►Dara’s wild moment in an old Filipino movie

I’m not sure if it was really a movie or a drama…but Dara was hella funny ^^

►►8/9: Music Bank tweets

“카라 승연과 지영 입니다! It’s Kara’s Seung Yeon and Ji Young!”



►►Korean stars’ “tsk. tsk.” moments

yes there are moments when idols just have to show the ‘I don’t approve of you’ looks ㅋㅋㅋ



►►SM in big trouble as fans outraged over cancelled concert

you know this day would come!


After the ‘SM TWON LIVE ’09’ was postponed indefinitely by SM Entertainment who said the reason was the lawsuit between the agency and TVXQ’s three members, Xiah Junsu, Micky Yoochun and YoungWoong Jaejoong, the fans’ criticism has been flooding in.

SM released an official statement on the 7th of Augus stating that, “The ‘SM TOWN LIVE ’09’ that was scheduled to be held on August 16th at the Seoul Jamsil Olympic Stadium has been postponed indefinitely.”

SM also stated that all ticket holders would be receiving a full refund but the fans’ rage did not subside easily. On TVXQ’s Hompage, posts of disappointment came from not only TVXQ fans, but from fans of other singers who were to be performing in the SM TOWN concert.

TVXQ fans stated, “We put a lot of effort and money into making events, and now they’ve become obsolete,” “How are they going to compensate for our efforts to secure tickets?” “We even rented a car to go, how are going to compensate for that?” “We’ve waited one year, and this is what we get?” They showed such strong reactions and protested to SM Entertainment. Some fans said that SM was trying to place the blame on TVXQ by saying that the concert was postponed because of the group and harshly criticized SM for what they did.


►►Who would’ve thought Minho would pick Shin Dong?

Oh Minho you sly devil you~

I don’t think he has held anyone that close in awhile but now that he finally do— it had to be Super Junior’s Shin Dong LOL!



►►Actresses aren’t afraid to flaunt their assets during summer season

Why hide the goods you’ve got? That’s the key question here I think ;-)

Chae Yeon

Chae Yeon in Arena Magazine


►►8/9: 2PM’s Junho tweets

LOL sometimes his tweets just remind me of the Tweet Whore song


so random sometimes~ ㅋㅋㅋ

►►8/9: G-Dragon’s Me2Day updates

More fun from Big Bang’s G-D ^^

8/9/09 7:08AM
R.I.P MJ. Yes, I’ve reached home. Although I’m really tired, I had fun making the music video. I’ll sleep quickly and upload more news tomorrow. G-2 continues. Everyone, good night


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